May Happenings, Part 1

This month was a whirlwind!  Time to catch up!  

James and Anna had beautiful contributions to the school art show this year! 

I had the privilege of helping lead worship at chapel for Compassion International this month…

Twins for church…

Anna has a new desk in her room – my mom’s old desk from when she was young.  Such a special thing for Anna to have now.  

Kenny’s been working on lights for a show this month and it was fantastic!  I was so proud of his work.  Our good friend, Emory, directed the show and it was wonderful reconnecting with him.  

Playdates with friends…

And Mother’s Day with my two favorite kids.

Last Day of School Thoughts from Mom

Here we are at the last day of school and I find so many thoughts and emotions running through my mind.  If you haven’t noticed, I process life through words.  Most of my words are contained in my stacks and stacks of journals, but today I thought I’d share my thoughts here.  

Last fall it took awhile to adjust to having the kids gone all day.  I worked through all the feelings then about that change, and nine months later now we’re upon another change. I find it interesting that a school year length is the same time it takes to grow a baby.  Maybe nine months is the normal amount of time it takes to adjust to something new.  I think that may be true for me.  😉  

While I’ve gotten into quite a routine by myself at home, I am definitely looking forward to having James and Anna home every day.  I’ll still make time for the things I’ve found I need – quiet time with Jesus to study and pray and my walking.  They are essential to my well-being and I feel a bit lost without them.  I’m looking forward to more time at home and less time driving to and from school.  More days to sleep in, stay in pajamas a bit longer, and enjoy breakfast together.  Plenty of time to play outside (it’s finally sunny today!), to cover the driveway with sidewalk chalk, and eat more popsicles and ice cream cones.  

The bottom line is – life is more fun with James and Anna!  We’ve got plans of things we’re going to do and learn (more on that later) but I’m most excited just for the day to day of hearing their voices more, settling more squabbles, and making more memories together.  More.  Life is definitely MORE with the two of them and I love it.  

So this morning while they’ve been gone, I’ve prepped their favorite dinner – Smothered Burritos with all the fixin’s.  I’ve found some scripture from Proverbs to guide our conversation at dinner about the blessing of learning and gaining wisdom.  And we’re celebrating with Guys and Girls night afterwards.  The boys are playing laser tag and the girls are headed to play glo-golf.  

James and Anna, you’ve persevered well this school year and have grown in so many ways.  We’re very proud of you and look forward to our days together this summer!  


May 21st – Snow Day!

Well, we’re two days away from summer break and the kids had a snow day this week.  Colorado weather is so crazy.  The snow a few weeks ago was still kinda cute, although James’s field day had to be moved indoors.  That was a bummer.  But this week, so close to being done with school, the snow is a bit ridiculous.  Even to me – the girl who LOVES the snow.  

Monday it rained on and off all day and there was the possibility of an inch of snow forecasted for that night.  So, we went on with life as normal.  We rarely cancel plans for an inch of snow.  While we were all at small group on the other side of town, it began to snow and by the time we finished, it had really piled up.  The roads were terrible and unfortunately we were in two cars.  Our city has many, many hills and the drive home was pretty scary.  At one point we had to turn around because there were so many cars stuck, blocking the road and we couldn’t get through.  It took us over an hour to get home; a drive that typically takes about 20 minutes.  The kids and I prayed aloud, asking God to protect us and clear the roads for us, and He was faithful to help us home.  The kids were teary on the drive and the minute we pulled into the garage Anna burst into sobs.  This was the most stressful drive I’ve ever made and hope to never make again.  We are always very diligent to stay home when bad weather hits for this very reason.  

By morning we had a foot of snow – our largest snow this season.  Our poor aspens and maple tree looked like willow trees.  It was so sad.  Overnight many, many branches broke from the weight of the heavy snow and we had quite a cleanup job yesterday.  Needless to say, the kids had a snow day and Kenny decided to work from home too.  

Today, I was supposed to bring popsicles into Anna’s class for a fun treat, but with 6 inches of snow still on the ground, the teacher didn’t think it was a great idea.  Because of the snow day we now have a half day added on Friday, but it’s supposed to be close to 70 degrees and sunny!  Popsicles on Friday.