June Happenings

We’ve been busy with fun!

An organ recital!  During the summer there are free organ recitals every week downtown at the city auditorium.  We met our friends, the Layhers there, and enjoyed an hour of fun music.  This recital was full of show tunes and everyone sang along.  Each recital usually ends with a silent film, accompanied by the organist which is always amazing to me.  The organist doesn’t view the film ahead of time, and makes up the music as he watches overhead.  Incredible!  

Bubbles, Ballet, and Baking!

Old friends over for a visit…

The first day of summer I had planned watermelon with dinner and ice cream cones outside for dessert.  The day was really chilly!  We still went outside but needed pants and jackets.  The mountains received two feet of snow that night and some of the ski resorts decided to stay open through the 4th of July.  Crazy Colorado summer (winter?) weather!  

A car show for family night…

Time with dear friends – running trains, crafts, food and conversation.  We’re so thankful for our friends, the Layhers.  

Cinemark $1 summer movies – Smallfoot!

And lots of playing.  After we watched The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie a few weeks ago, the kids have been playing Narnia.  I love their creativity!

And lastly, VBS at our church.  Our kids had an amazing time!  Typically our kids need quite a bit of coaxing to attend VBS.  Our church has done the same VBS programs for decades – since Kenny was attending!  Which is why the kids haven’t loved it in years past.  However, last year we hired a new Children’s Director, and this year he completely revamped VBS.  The changes were excellent and our kids noticed.  I’d been praying that this year would be different and was thrilled after the first day when they came home excited, singing the songs around the house! 

Renaissance Festival

Kenny and Anna headed to the Renaissance Festival a few weeks ago for a Daddy/Daughter day.  Anna got her face painted, they enjoyed watching the acrobats and musicians, had some yummy food, watched a joust, and a beautiful living fountain.  So much fun!  


I asked James what I should call the blog post about the meals he and Anna cooked and after thinking a moment, this is what he came up with.  Clever!  

Both kids really enjoyed coming up with a menu and making their meal.  Although, at one point while making his pie, James said he wished he wouldn’t have chosen such an ambitious recipe. Now he knows why I don’t make elaborate meals every night!   

I did take a shortcut in the grocery shopping.  I’ve been buying groceries online for some time now and picking them up.  This is a huge time saver for me and I absolutely love it.  Originally, my plan was to take the kids to the store to shop for their ingredients, but with everything else happening, we skipped that.  Instead, I had them go through their recipes with me and help add items to the grocery list.  


Anna’s Menu:
Beverage – La Croix
Main Dish – Ziti – a pasta, bacon, & onion dish that is her absolute favorite
Side – Fruit Salad – pineapple, blueberries, cantaloupe, and strawberries
Dessert – Raspberry Cocoa Freeze – an ice cream shake

James’s Menu:
Beverage – Cherry Limeade
Main Dish – Authentic Pepperoni Pizza
Side – Caesar Salad
Dessert – French Silk Pie

When the kids were planning their menus, I talked with them about how I typically make a few menu items from scratch and often use shortcuts with other items.  For special meals, of course, we’ll make everything from scratch.  But sometimes, it’s just fine to take shortcuts to save your sanity.  So, Anna decided her beverage would be a shortcut.  James and I decided his salad, pizza crust and sauce would be a shortcut – we bought a caesar salad kit, a dry pizza mix, and a jar of sauce.  In the end those were good decisions as the kids’ energy waned. 

With both meals we made what we could ahead of time, early in the day – something I do regularly.  When my energy is highest in the morning (if I’m home), I get started on dinner and prep as much as possible.  Anna made her fruit salad in the morning and James made his pie during the morning. 

Overall this was a great success!  It exposed the kids to a bit more menu planning and cooking which was the goal.  We’ll continue to have them help here and there like they’ve been doing, and down the road maybe try full meals again.