We Made It!

May 28, 2021 – The last day of 3rd & 6th Grade

August 2020 – The First Day of 3rd & 6th Grade

James & Anna finished school on Friday, May 28th and we are all celebrating!  I think parents are just as excited to be finished as the students are this year.  No more quarantines, no more masks…and it looks like next school year will be back to normal!  James was a real trooper with the mask at school this year.  He hardly complained at all and we’re proud of the way he persevered.  Anna’s difficulty came through all of her quarantines, but thankfully that’s all behind us now.  

We are all ready for a break.  The last few months have been very full and I dare say I’m not going to make much of a plan for our days right now.  Typically, I have quite a list of things to do and accomplish and fun to have through the summer, but this summer, we’re all needing a rest.  Maybe after we’ve had some downtime we’ll think about some day-to-day plans.  

The Calvary came the last week of school for 5th Grade’s Civil War Day and Anna’s class was able to see a brief presentation at recess.

Anna’s ballet season continues through mid-July and James is planning on continuing drum lessons just through the summer, too.  He auditioned and received an invite to play percussion in the Jr. High band this fall, so he’ll likely discontinue private lessons once school begins.  Both kids still have youth group activities at church on Wednesday nights through the summer.  James is participating in an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) basketball camp one week.  Another week Anna is attending VBS and James has a local youth group mission week with church.  That is plenty going on so I’m happy for us to have slower days and weeks in between.  

Last week we attended Jr. High orientation with James.  Wow.  The Principal is amazing and I left wanting to attend Jr. High!  We are so excited for James and this next step in the fall.  


The Classical Academy East Elementary 6th Grade – Class of 2027

The last day of school was a grand celebration.  Parents made signs and brought noisemakers to celebrate the end of the sixth-grader’s time at this campus.  James went home with his best friend and hung out for the afternoon – lunch out, video games, and mini-golfing.  Anna attended a pool party with her friends and had a blast.  That evening we watched a movie and had a summer meal to celebrate: grilled hamburgers, lots of watermelon and canteloupe, and ice cream sundaes for dessert.  

Happy Summer!

School Days, Part 2

3rd Grade Roman Day

6th Grade Picnic…A few weeks ago, 6th-grade parents organized an afternoon for the students and their families to hang out together at a nearby park.  

James & his best bud, Caden

James has been in school with these friends since Kindergarten

6th Grade Celebration…Parents were invited to the field the last week of school to celebrate with the sixth-grade class.  First, the students were given their last recess ever – 2 1/2 hours to enjoy outside.  Then the parents gathered and we heard some fond memories from the librarian, Mrs. Brunk – one of the specials teachers that have had these kids in class since kindergarten.  Our principal, Mrs. Nelson spoke next and expressed her gratitude for the way these students stepped up to lead and find joy in the midst of the hard year.  She gave a charge to them to continue on as Titan Leaders.  The class gift to the school was revealed – “The Wanderer” – a beautiful painting that is a wonderful depiction of what this year has been like.  Through the fog, we continue to stand tall and lead.  That is what these sixth-graders have done this school year.  And finally, the Kona Ice Truck came and the kids enjoyed snow cones together. 


School Days, Part 1

Music Concerts…Since parents weren’t allowed in the building this year, last month each grade recorded a selection of songs they’d been working on, and the concert was sent via video to parents.  It was wonderful to hear the kids sing again.  Some of the teachers snapped a few pictures while the students were recording. 

Anna’s 3rd Grade Class (Anna in back row with stripes)

James’ 6th Grade Class
(James in the center in blue)

Field Day

3rd Grade Poetry Reception…I’ve mentioned before that the kids recite poems and other recitations monthly at our school.  They’ve done that since Kindergarten and by now, they are pros at it.  So wonderful.  In third grade at the end of the year, parents are usually invited and the students recite a poem of their choosing followed by a fun reception together.  We are thankful for the pictures Anna’s teacher sent. 

Anna’s teacher, Mrs. Dills, and classoom tutor (aide), Mrs. Rosinski