Summer afternoon – summer afternoon;

to me, those have always been

the two most beautiful words in the English language.

– Henry James

Swimming with friends

Enjoying a magazine

We’re renting a practice marimba for James to use with Jr. High band this school year.

Ice cream with friends

Dress-up with friends


Baseball fun

Watching the Tokyo Olympics

Summer Vacation 2021, Part 4

During our time in town, one day we drove to the mountains and enjoyed riding the steam train in Cripple Creek.  

And one night we visited the Flying W Ranch which was so much fun.  Although the Waldo Canyon fire in 2012 completely destroyed the Ranch, they reopened last summer with a new facility and a new band.  The property is beautiful even though many of us remember with fondness what the original ranch was like.  

We packed quite a bit into our week of vacation and are so thankful for the means and time to do it.