Fall Beauty

Years ago, Kenny made the maple leaf cut-out decoration with pallet wood, and it’s still my favorite.

At the beginning of September, I purchased a few things for our front porch this fall – a couple of unusual pumpkins and a Better Homes & Gardens Pumpkin Spice mum.  I left them in the garage for a few days until I could get around to cleaning off the dying summer flowers and sweeping everything.  During that time, the garage started smelling like cinnamon!  Kenny finally determined that the mum I bought must have been sprayed with a cinnamon scent.  How wonderful!  Sometimes Anna goes out front to smell the mum, and when the front screen door is open, we can sometimes smell it inside the house.  I’m so happy with this purchase.  Not only does it smell lovely, but it’s one of the most beautiful mums I’ve seen with yellow, orange, and red all in one bloom.  

Anna and I enjoyed a walk around our neighborhood, looking for beautiful fall colors.  

I love our little neighborhood library.

Sunrise on the mountains

We’ve so enjoyed our fall trees this year, and now this week we had our first snow! Once again, Pike’s Peak looks so beautiful covered in white.  With freezing overnight temperatures, I’m babying the pumpkins, bringing them in each night and hoping they’ll last through Thanksgiving.  Our mum is still hanging on and sleeps in the garage each night now.  Almost two months later, I can still smell the cinnamon!  I’m so thankful to live in a place that experiences four beautiful seasons.


A collection of random events around here…

For our nephew’s birthday, Kenny ordered some lights to make Luke’s already very cool bed, even better.  

After spending time with his cousin, Ryland, James decided to try painting a pair of old tennis shoes.  Ryland designs and paints custom tennis shoes for various clients and James really enjoyed talking with him about his process and technique.  

Our church celebrated its 50th anniversary this year.  The actual anniversary date was in February, but we celebrated as a church in September.  We had a huge service and all participated in some way.  The boys greeted, Anna sang in the kid’s choir, and I played keys.  It was a wonderful morning! 

Brownie Pie!  A delicious idea!  From Joanna Gaines’ first cookbook, Magnolia Table

Grandma Mary Jo’s birthday!

James had some friends over for a video game day.  The two brothers in the middle have just moved away so we sent them off with a hangout day.  Video games, pizza, soda, and candy.  We’re discovering a trend with Jr. High kids – junk food is part of every hangout.  And we’re ok with that if it means our kids and their friends want to hang out at our house.  

 Headed out for dinner to celebrate our 18th anniversary! 

Our ballerina is constantly dancing.  She’s about a month into Nutcracker rehearsals and just signed up to audition for her school’s talent show at the end of the month.  She planned the music, choreographed her ballet dance, and has been working hard on it.  

James in Band

Last month, the 8th-grade band was invited to join the high school marching band for the first home football game.  It is an opportunity for the 8th grade to see what marching band is like as they make the decision whether or not to join next year.  James played marimba in the percussion “pit” as it’s called – many percussion instruments on the sideline that do not march.  He played next to high schoolers and thoroughly enjoyed the night.  While we did watch the game and cheer, when half-time arrived and the band came on, all of the band parents had their time to cheer like crazy for their kids.  Kenny and I are loving this season we’re in with the kids.  

James came home with his music for the game and I might have been a bit excited as so many marching band memories came flooding back.  So, James humored me and we had a little photo session. 

James is in the center back of the band in black.