This guy continues to grow taller & older & cooler.  He’s still busy with all things band & attended an eighth-grade band festival this week at a local high school.  Several weeks ago, parents attended a short concert to hear the pieces they’d prepared for the festival.  James is playing bells – the hard, metal mallet instrument you’ll hear.  

James continues to enjoy making various types of artwork.  He has made some fabulous paintings with spray paint and enjoys spray painting many of his retired drumsticks too.  He also enjoys using alcohol markers on various projects.  We really enjoy seeing each new creation he comes up with. 

James’s favorite drummers

James and I recently had an evening to hang out together while Kenny & Anna attended the Dad/Daughter Dance, and we so enjoyed our time.  We started with some shopping for James, then found some snacks for our movie night.  We picked up amazing tacos from Torchy’s for dinner and settled in at home to watch Top Gun: Maverick.  I loved it more than the first Top Gun, and after talking about the similarities & differences, we decided to watch the first movie too.  These memory-making evenings with the kids are some of our favorites!

James is just getting into track season now and we’re looking forward to attending track meets again this spring.  We recently registered James for fall freshman classes and can’t believe we’re already talking high school!  He’s planning on participating in marching band next year, has two school band camps on the calendar for the summer, and is hoping to audition for drumline.  Exciting times ahead! 


Anna is cruising through fifth-grade and having a wonderful year.  She continues to work hard dancing every week & is currently preparing to dance in the ballet Don Quixote in late April. 

Anna recently shared a science experiment with us that she’d done in school.  She asked her teacher to email me the directions and then she walked us through it at home.  So cool!

In February, Anna had Renaissance Day at school; the culmination of the Renaissance unit they’d been studying.  The day included a feast, learning about the printing press, & making her own printing.  Because they studied art of the Renaissance period and perspective in regard to The Last Supper painting, the students learned how to draw perspective that day as well.  

One of Anna’s pieces of artwork was chosen to be displayed at the library in February!  Area schools display artwork at our many library branches regularly, and our school was highlighted last month.  Always fun to see your creation in a public place!  

Anna, you are a WILD & crazy part of our family and we love you!



Honor Band

James had the opportunity last fall, along with the other 8th-grade band members, to try out for the Pikes Peak Middle School Honor Band.  Students received the audition requirements, practicing on their own time, then the band directors helped them tape their audition and send it in.  Sixteen students from James’s band were selected to participate.  They received the five pieces of music in December and have been working on their music since.  Then, under the direction of a guest conductor, they attended four rehearsals with all of the other area students who were selected.  The event concluded with a performance in early February for parents and band directors.  

Honor Band was such a learning experience for James.  Making the decision to audition, following through with learning the music, and participating in all of the rehearsals.  Much like his own band class he attends daily, but this time, with other kids from around the city who are passionate about their instrument and ready to learn more.  James was amazed at how quickly the band mastered five pieces of music.  When students come prepared and enjoy what they’re doing, the director can move so much more quickly and the kids can progress so much faster.  The performance was incredible for a middle school band and we’re so proud of James and his efforts. 

Out with the other band families after the concert.