Halloween 2019

The kids had a fun night of dressing up this year.  Anna was Ariel, the mermaid, and James had an awesome dragon mask.  Daddy came through again in the makeup department with his trusty theater kit.  It was Kenny’s only day in the office that week and he even took time to go buy the supplies he needed for Anna’s makeup.  Thanks, honey.

Grandma Mary Jo faithfully hands out candy every year while we all go trick or treating.  This year Luke joined us too!  Such a cutie.  

October Goals

This past month I finished a few things on my to-do list around the house.  

October is always the month I put flannel sheets on our beds and thankfully I accomplished that just in time.  We had our first snow pretty early in the month this year.  We also put away all of the window fans, brought up an extra heater for James’s room, and added the heating blanket to our bed.  It seems like I was just putting all of these things away in May.  So few months out of the year that we don’t need them!  

Along these same lines we’ve put away our summer gear – flip flops, ball caps, and jackets – and have brought out the winter gear – coats, hats, gloves, and snow boots.  The tank tops and swim suits are moved to the back of the closet and the long sleeved shirts and sweaters are moved to the front.  This past week we had very cold weather and two snow days already – in October!  

We had a couple different people over for dinner this month too.  Our friend, Olivia, was in town from Denver.  She went to junior high with Kenny and we are so thankful for her friendship all these years later. 

Olivia braided Anna’s hair while it was wet so she had beautiful curls in the morning!

We also had a couple over from church to catch up one Sunday for lunch.  We’re so thankful for the opportunity to extend some hospitality to friends and hope to continue doing this a little every month.  

I finally got a few letters written this month too.  I’ve had a running list of people I wanted to write to – friends I haven’t spoken to in awhile, family and friends I wanted to encourage.  I still have a list I’m working through; maybe I’ll plan to write a few letters every month.  

The last few things I accomplished this month are Christmas preparations.  We’re traveling the week of Thanksgiving (flying) and I’m planning ahead in case I return home not feeling well.  That sometimes happens when I fly or take a big trip, so I’m thinking ahead this time.  I got our Christmas cards ordered and updated our address list of recipients.  It feels so good to have that done!  And, since the month of December is usually busy anyway, I’ve put about a week’s worth of meals in the freezer, just in case.  My dear friend, Shelly, suggested these ideas and I’m so grateful for them.  I’m also going to try to finish up our Christmas shopping this month before we leave so that’s finished when we return.  I hoping that getting these several big things accomplished will help alleviate any stress when we come home and help me feel my best.   

Do you have any goals for the coming month or things you recently accomplished?  I’d love to hear about them!