A visit from “Down Under”

As mentioned earlier, I have a long list of items or events to blog about, and many of them are past events.  I still want to capture them here, so bear with me as I intersperse “old news”.  🙂

This summer Kenny’s family from Australia visited!  His cousin, Ben, was here on and off throughout the summer while he was in the states playing amateur golf tournaments.  Then later, his aunt and uncle, Steven & Jenny, came over for four weeks.  It was great to see them and we had a wonderful time catching up.  Enjoy some of the pictures that highlight our time with them!

Uncle Steven spent an afternoon showing Kenny how to make his famous sushi rolls!

1 thought on “A visit from “Down Under”

  1. What a wondeful time we had meeting Jessica and ‘our James’. And what wonderful parents you both make. We so enjoyed our short time with you all and are thankful that thru technology we can share some of the highlights and special moments of James growing up. He brings so much joy to our lives -he makes me smile every time I think of him.
    XXX Jenny

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