Tea Time

A few weeks ago while Kenny and I were away (more on that later), we visited the Celestial Seasonings factory near Boulder, CO.  We bought our favorite teas and also some new ones to try, including one for each of the kids.  Tonight we had a tea time together and it was great.  Typically I have a cup of tea every night before bed, and in the colder months of the year, Kenny does too.  But the kids are usually in bed at that time, so they rarely see us drink tea.  Tonight after the kids were showered and ready for bed, we made a cup of their new teas and sat down together.  

Anna asked if we were going to watch a show while we drank our tea and I said, “No, I think we’ll just sit and chat together.”  So, after we were all settled with our cups, Anna suggested we put on some Classical music as background music.  Great idea.  Then she suggested we each take turns telling stories about when we were little.  So cute. We did that several times around and the kids decided we should have tea time more often together.  A wonderful idea.  

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