2017 Balloon Festival

Every year we attend the Labor Day weekend hot air balloon festival in town.  After going so many years we have an abundance of balloon pictures, but I just can’t help myself when I’m there.  The day we went the balloons were unable to lift off because of wind, but we still enjoyed our time together.  It’s become a tradition that the kids expect now and we’re happy to take them.  We rise early, early, throw on clothes and hats, grab egg Mcmuffins on the way, enjoy the balloons, and pick up donuts on the way home. That’s become the tradition because that’s what we ate one year when the kids were young on balloon day, they remember it, and now seeing the balloons has to involve egg Mcmuffins and donuts.  Just another opportunity for memory making.

2 thoughts on “2017 Balloon Festival

  1. I remember all the balloons flying the day after your wedding when we came out of the hotel. Beautiful. The weather was sort of yucky here this year for St. Louis’ balloon glow.

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