Communicant’s Class

For the past six weeks James and Kenny have been attending the communicant’s class at our church.  A class for kids (and their parents), teaching them about the theology of our church and preparing them to participate in communion.  There was memory work to do and Kenny and James had many conversations along the way…Kenny asking James pointed questions to get him to put his faith into words.  

This past week James was interviewed by a couple of the elders and will officially be able to participate in communion with us now.  The kids will all be presented in front of the congregation in a few weeks.  

We’re so proud of James’s hard work and his ability to articulate what he believes.  A big thank you to Kenny, too, for taking James faithfully every week and letting this introverted mama have more time at home.  Love you both!  

One thought on “Communicant’s Class

  1. This is absolutely awesome. I commend you both for not only teaching your children about God, faith, respect etc. but also live it and are examples to all.

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