Kid’s Beds

We made some changes in James and Anna’s bedrooms recently…James decided he was tired of his bunk bed and Anna wanted a canopy of sorts over her bed. 

Knowing James would outgrow his bunk bed at some point, we asked mom and dad to save the other twin bed frame that matches Anna’s; the ones my sister and I used when we were little.  So, now James is in a regular bed and we can see him while he sleeps now! 

And we found Anna a wonderful, purple (her color choice) canopy for her bed which is so fun. 

Both kids worked hard several weeks ago cleaning and organizing their rooms, and went crazy with mom’s labeler.  So proud of their hard work!  



2 thoughts on “Kid’s Beds

  1. James, is that really a “BRONCOS” blanket on your bed? oh yeaah, you are from Colorado aren’t you!!! I didn’t see any “NEBRASKA” anything.
    Sure like your changes in your room. I bet it’s cool watching in snow through your windows. I sure do miss seeing you guys. But I think of you all often and everyone is always in my prayers.
    And Anna, I think you picked the best color for your room! Purple is the main color in my room. I lover it. When you sleep under it does it make you feel like a princess? You will always be a princess in our family. Miss you a bunch.

    • Thanks so much for all your comments, Aunt Bonnie! Is great to hear from you. I read your comments to the kids…James says “Sorry” about not having anything NE in his room. Maybe Pa & G’ma need to get him something for Christmas. 😉 Anna says sleeping under her canopy does make her feel like a princess. 🙂 Miss you guys, love you!

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