Mother Goose Day

A few weeks ago Anna participated in Mother Goose Day in Kindergarten…she recited a nursery rhyme in front of her class, teachers, and a room-full of parents.  We are SO proud of her!  

At the kids’ school, recitation is highly valued.  While in kindergarten the expectations are minimal, starting in first grade, the students recite something every month.  Now in third grade, the selections James recites are often quite lengthy.  I think this is such a gift for the kids.  I remember public speaking being so intimidating in high school and I can only think that if I had been exposed to it regularly in my earlier years it wouldn’t have been so scary.  

Anna, you did a wonderful job!  We are so proud of your hard work not only memorizing but also your courage to recite in front of so many people.  Well done, honey!  

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