Anna-isms Part 6

“When’s it gonna be in the 70’s again? I really like 72. it feels like summer.” (On November 30th, 2017 while looking at the forecast with Dad)

“I really like assembly lines.” (Just a random comment from Anna.)

Recently while in the van driving to school, Anna started talking and dreaming about getting married.  She thought she’d get married when she was 20 years old.  I reminded her that God had all of that worked out already and she just needed to be praying about who to marry and when as she got older.  She asked me how old I was when I married Kenny; I replied 27.  She asked me how I knew to marry him and I told her that actually in the beginning, I didn’t want to be Daddy’s girlfriend.  “What!?!” she said.  She was floored.  I explained that I just wanted to be his friend and that eventually God changed my heart and told me that Daddy was to be my husband.  We then proceeded to have a wonderful conversation about how God speaks to us, how we sense what He’s telling us through studying his Word, praying, and seeking godly counsel.  Of course, all in a six-year-old way, but I think she understood what I was saying.  Then she was back to talking about getting married, having a baby girl, yet still wanting to be a hair-style girl and play the violin, flute, and piano.  She said that maybe on Thursdays she could be a hair-style girl, on Friday she could play the violin, etc.  So cute.  I love listening to her dream and I love all of our conversations together.  Keep dreaming, Anna-girl!  


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