Granola Bars

I recently came across this recipe for granola bars and decided to give it a try.  The kids LOVE granola bars.  And I do too!  Over the years I’ve researched healthier brands and ingredients and have found several great options, but they are expensive!  So, have been looking for a healthy recipe to try.  While this didn’t turn out at all how I thought it would, it’s still very delicious!  We’ve been eating it in a bowl with a spoon because it’s so sticky.  More like sticky granola.  The granola never did harden up enough to cut into bars and is just way too sticky to pick up with your fingers.  (I did substitute some ingredients so that’s probably why.)  

One ingredient that completely surprised me was the toasted uncooked quinoa.  I’ve made cooked quinoa before but have never used it uncooked.  It was delicious!  A nice crunchy texture.  

So, if you’re looking for a healthy, (sticky) snack – this is perfect!  

Here’s the recipe and the substitutions I made below:

*Used roasted/salted almonds and pepitas so only roasted the quinoa
*Substituted dried cranberries for goji berries
*Used all honey rather than brown rice syrup and honey together (probably why it was so sticky)
*Omitted the salt (because some of the ingredients were already salted) and chocolate drizzle


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