Slow Day

Today the kids are out of school and we’ve had a glorious slow day at home.  Nowhere to go, no definite plans, just a whole day before us.  I love these kinds of days.  I didn’t take a ton of photos and instead enjoyed being present in the moment.  Here’s a random list of things we did, in no particular order. 

After breakfast, while I sorted laundry and got it started, the kids played and played and played together.  They still enjoy imaginative play which is great.  They were pirates and the window seat became their ship.  They played games with balls and pom-poms.  They played war and battled against each other with swords, shields, and capes.  Anna crawled on the floor so much playing that her leggings sprouted a hole in the knee.    Later in the day they started again, making up things.  A few times they came and asked me to join them.  So fun to watch them and get in on the action.  I was going to offer to get out painting supplies for them today, but honestly, they were playing so well together I hated to interrupt that.  

I spent some time working on bible study for mentoring.  I really enjoy this and the times I can work for a long stretch are so enjoyable.  

One of the fun things we did was attend a fancy class in Anna’s room.  Anna LOVES the Fancy Nancy book series.  She was given some books for her birthday and she checks them out at the library often.  Anna loves to be fancy in every way, changing outfits multiple times each day.  In one of the books, Nancy puts up a sign on the frig about the fancy class she’ll be teaching and her family attends.  So cute.  So, Anna copied the sign, we found it on our frig this morning, and she expected James and I to attend.  She set up her room with signs and everything and was so excited.   Her brother was very patient listening to her talk about how to be fancy.  

I made dinner early in the day – chicken enchiladas – and it was so nice to have that out of the way and finished.  

Although it was very cold and windy we still went outside for some fresh air.  The kids rode scooters, I played catch with James, I timed them running and riding, and while I got in my walk, they made “soup” in a mud puddle. 

The kids finished a movie they started recently while I cleaned the kitchen disposal (I tried this method) and watered plants.   

I worked on the blog, made a cup of tea, sat by the fire and read a book.  The kids and I snuggled on the couch and read too.  And later we made guacamole together for dinner.  

Thank you, Lord, for the gift this day was! 


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