Another Great Show!

I love this shot that shows the truss of lights and Kenny and the kids on the left working out some details.

This past weekend marked the end of another great show!  Kenny, again, was the lighting designer for ECA’s spring show, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  This show in particular had many, many amazing light and smoke effects – Kenny really did an outstanding job.  Not only did he meet with the directors, hear their vision for the show,  and then make it happen, he also ordered all of the equipment, hung it all himself (with the help of some high school light crew members), programmed the light board for every different light cue (change), and then taught the high school students how to run the board for the shows.  Amazing to me.  I’m so proud of him.  

Of course, with any show, there’s some sacrifice that goes along with it.  During the week a show opens Kenny goes straight from work to the theater, so the kids and myself meet him there a few times during the week to see him, help out, and watch some rehearsals.  Now that the kids are older, we’ve gotten into our rhythm and it’s not too bad.  They look forward to seeing rehearsals and much of the behind the scenes work.  When they were very young, it was quite a bit more difficult.  Now we make the week fun with movie nights and fun food so we don’t miss dad quite as much.  And, if I’m honest, this introvert looks forward to a few nights to herself during the week of a show.  

Now that the show is over, we are very happy to have dad back and get back to normal.  But I’ll always be thankful for the theater opportunities Kenny has.  They are one of his passions and I so enjoy seeing his excitement over smoke machines and cool lights.  Way to go, babe!  

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