James’ Themes

Polishing Hot Wheels cars

Our James turned 9 this week!  Oh my boy.  I love James and his personality to pieces.  Kenny’s Dad recently asked me about James’ interests and I had a hard time answering.  There are so many!  In fact, it changes almost daily.  James will come up with an idea – a theme, as he says – and that is what he’ll be “into” until his next idea hits.    

For example, one day, months ago, James came home and said he was really into cars.  He started asking the names of cars while we’re driving, and over time he’s learned and identified a TON of cars.  Way more than I know.  He even knows what kind of car he wants when he’s older.  He draws pictures of cars, makes posters of cars for his room, talks to his friends about cars, asks to look up pictures of certain cars online, writes stories about cars, etc.  You get the idea.  He’s completely engrossed in cars.  

But then, just a few days later, sometimes even the next day, he’s onto the next idea.  One morning as I’m making lunches and getting breakfast, he comes downstairs before school and says, “Mom, I’ve been thinking a lot about dragons.  I’m really into dragons right now.  I want to save up for that dragon statue we saw at Hobby Lobby and today after school, can we look up pictures of dragons on your computer?”  Later that day he shows me the elaborate drawings of dragons he worked on during free time.  Amazing.  

I love that James has so many interests and is “trying out” so many new things.  It can be a little difficult keeping up with what he’s into at the moment, but it definitely keeps things exciting around here!  

James, as you grow, I hope you always continue to explore new ideas and interests!  

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