A Taste of Summer

It’s been weeks since I last posted – May has been so busy so far!  And we’re not finished yet!  Today has been a slower day – the kids have today off school – so I feel like I have a bit of time to catch up here.  

The kids’ school always has a teacher in-service day the week before school lets out and it actually is a little breather before we finish strong.  Today has been so wonderful with the kids home and we are ALL looking forward to summer break.  I spoke with one mom on Sunday at church who is dreading summer – I get that it can be challenging  finding things for them to do all summer, but in that moment I was so thankful that I’m looking forward to it and not dreading it.  That is a blessing.  Sure, they’ll be more sibling squabbles and less mom time alone, but the days are so much slower – no running to school several times a day, more time to be outside and play, a more relaxed schedule – heaven.  

We started our day with swim lesson evaluations – the kids are finally going to take lessons this summer and learn some basics.  Both James and Anna did a great job and loved every minute of it.  In fact, it was hard to get them out of the water at the end, and several times today they said they wanted to go back “right now”.  So glad they’re looking forward to lessons.  

We had a relaxed lunch and rest time and some great time playing outside.  The kids even made little reading nooks and read for a bit – completely their own idea!  It really has been a foretaste of what our summer days will be like and we all enjoyed it so much.  Lord, help us to persevere with school, to finish strong and give our best!  One more week!  

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