More School Events

Discovered there were several school events I failed to post about, so wanted to record those here.

In April James’s class, and all of the 3rd grade, took a field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

At the end of April the kids’ school has an Art Show every year.  Every student in the school has one piece of art in the show; the art teachers let the students choose which piece they’d like to display.  We were so impressed with the art portfolios both James and Anna brought home this year.  In my school days art class used to mean “craft time”, but the kids are learning quite a bit about different artists, mediums, and techniques.  So cool!

Anna’s Kindergarten class had a music concert in early May and we so enjoyed watching her sing and listening to all of their songs.

This past month James’s third grade class had a Poetry Recitation that the parents were invited to.  The kids in grades 1st-6th recite poems monthly in front of their class – all of the students learn the same poem to recite.  This end of the year recitation is a poem of the student’s choosing.  James chose The Rum Tum Tugger by T.S. Eliot – from a collection a poems that was later used as lyrics for the musical, CATS.  James was asked by his teacher to read a welcome to the parents in addition to reciting his poem.  He did a wonderful job!

Anna’s Kindergarten class celebrated the 100th day of school – each student was to decorate a shirt with 100 things.  Anna’s choice – 100 polka dots.  So, we found a cute, cheap shirt at Goodwill and she got to work with markers.  She kept loosing count of her dots and somewhere in the 70’s asked for help.  “Making all these dots is a lot of work!”

James’s last curriculum day for third grade was Roman Day!  The students participated in chariot races, javelin throwing, ship battling, Latin telephone, and finished the morning with a roman feast.  The high school Latin classes came for the day and led all the third grade classes in the events.  It was so great to see the high school kids take on this leadership role as well as watch the third graders look up to and respond to them.

James: “Gladiators don’t smile, Mom. “

We’re so proud of James and Anna and all of the many projects, homework assignments, and performances they accomplished this school year!  Way to go kids!


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