Jumping Back In

Well, again, it’s been weeks since I last posted, but today decided to just jump back in with all that’s on my mind and heart.  As time marches on and my list of things to blog about grows I often feel overwhelmed with where to start.  But, I’ll eventually get around to catching up.

Life has been busy in our house!  Summer has proved to be busier than I had hoped it would be, but it’s all been fun!  Since the kids don’t participate in any extra-curricular activities during the school year, summer time is when we try new things.  So, in the next week we wrap up our swim lessons, Anna’s ballet class, and VBS finishes up.  The kids have enjoyed everything we’ve done this summer, but it will be nice to have a few weeks without classes to get to. 

We’ve still made time for slowing this summer – just not as many entire days of it like I’d hoped.  We’ve had mornings or afternoons of slow – time to read, play together, picnics, etc. – and we’ll definitely be doing more of that over the next weeks before school starts.  

I also think we’ll spend some time concentrating on what really matters.  As I realize I only have a few weeks left with James and Anna before they head to school, I’m wondering: Did I focus too much on making their summer fun instead of teaching them more about Jesus?  Did they see Jesus in me?  Have I impressed on their hearts that spending time getting to know their Savior is more important than swimming or play dates or vacations?  I hope so. 

As mothers – maybe parents in general – it is so easy to focus on what we haven’t done or gotten right.  Our faults and failures seem to jump out at us in big, bold letters, while the things we ARE doing well and getting right tend to fade into the background.  So, I’m praying that I’ll focus on moving forward: make the most of the time while the kids are home, prioritize what it is I want to share or do with them, and let God handle the rest.  Thank goodness for God’s amazing grace that covers all that we miss as parents.  What a relief to know that the outcome of my children’s lives is not up to me!  

If you have children at home, how are you feeling as summer draws to a close?  

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