Sand Dunes

This year we took a vacation right after school was out in May.  It was great to get away as soon as we were done – everyone was ready for a break!  

We visited the Sand Dunes near Alamosa, CO – a beautiful place only a few hours away!  We enjoyed the road trip there, seeing some new mountains in CO. 

The kids were troopers in the long hike from the parking lot to the dunes.  We even rented boards to sled down.  So fun.  

While hiking up the dunes I couldn’t help but think of the analogy my mentor, Shelly, has talked about for years: 
For those that have known Jesus for many years, you can go through dry periods in your life where you feel like Jesus is far away.  It’s so important during those times to continue meeting with Him – to find time daily to talk with Him and communicate what’s on your heart.  Every little meeting with Jesus is like bringing a small handful of sand to a pile.  It doesn’t feel like much, but over years it begins to add up.  As you grow older your relationship with Jesus deepens.  And when you turn to look behind you, you see a sand dune!  Every handful of sand made a difference!  Keep it up!  Keep meeting with Jesus and one day you’ll find a sand dune behind you.  

The same day we also hiked Zapata Falls – a rocky trail that turns into a river trail that ends in a beautiful waterfall.  It was wonderful.  We weren’t able to hike behind the fall because of a large ice block, but it was still amazing.  

Another day we visited an alligator farm nearby which everyone loved – mostly.  It was amazing, but my stomach was a bit in knots the whole time we were there.  The kids and Kenny were brave and held a baby alligator!  We saw dozens of alligators, albino alligators, other reptiles, emu, and even saw a guy wrestle an alligator!  Crazy!  

We enjoyed visiting some local restaurants and walking around the train tracks and train cars.  The kids thought it was so cool they had their picture taken by a train car full of graffiti.  

And, of course, the kids’ favorite part was staying at a hotel and swimming in the pool.  Forget the sand dunes, waterfall, and alligators – the hotel pool was the highlight.  

We so enjoyed the relaxed pace of seeing the sights and being together.  A great trip and some wonderful new memories! 


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  1. Years ago a pastor told our bible class that if we feel apart from the Father it is not him that moved. And he hears us even if all we can do is moan the slightest of prayers. He will meet you there.

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