Niwot & Ogallala

In July we took a second vacation for the summer: our annual anniversary trip away and visit to Ogallala and Lake McConaughy.  Dad is always so kind to meet us halfway between our house and theirs.  He takes the kids back to his house for a few days and Kenny and I escape for some rest and relaxation.  It’s become a fun tradition – thanks, Mom & Dad!  

Kenny and I went back to Niwot, CO this year.  We had a great time there last year and decided to visit again.  Why not Niwot?  We enjoyed walking around downtown, visiting an antique store, finding a local pie shop, and hearing some live music at the local park.  One night we drove into Denver for dinner, and another day we drove to Boulder to walk Pearl Street.  We found an amazing honey store!  And of course, we enjoyed sleeping in, eating late dinners, and relaxing together.  We so enjoy this time every year.  

Once back in Ogallala we spent one day at Big Mac and rented a boat for the first time with the kids!  So fun.  

The boys went shooting, we helped Pa in the garden, and had a water balloon fight.  Another day we drove to North Platte for go-carts and bumper boats.  Even Pa joined us for bumper boats!  A very full several days but lots of fun and new memories were made!  


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  1. I think you know that we enjoy this time with your kiddos as much ( or maybe even more) than you and Kenny enjoy the time away! We always look forward to the time with them and making memories. They are only young once! We are all getting older and we must take advantage of the time that they still WANT to be with us! Thank You for starting this wonderful tradition! We love it! Dad and Mom (Pa & G’Ma)

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