Pennsylvania Family

At the end of September we had family from PA visit!  Kenny’s dad, Ken, or as the kids call him, Pap-Pap, and Kenny’s sister, Kristine with her husband, Tim, and their son, Isaac.  Then Michael flew in a few days later.  We had much fun together and so enjoyed their visit.  Ken was in town for his 40th class reunion from the Air Force Academy so we also attended some fun events there.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking! 

A walk through Garden of the Gods…


A full day at the AFA…A memorial service in the beautiful chapel, a walk around campus and visit to the dorms and Mitchell Hall.  James enjoyed hearing about the life of a cadet and how students enter the Academy.  He walked strips on the terrazzo and kept saluting us.  


The next day we attended the AFA football game!


We also enjoyed down time at home together…working on projects and games with Pap, having family meals, and playing together.  


We really enjoyed reconnecting and catching up with our family on this visit and are glad they came.  We’re so thankful that wonderful new memories were made!




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