Egypt Day & Medieval Day

The Friday before Thanksgiving break both kids had a curriculum day at school.  I had signed up to help in both classes and split my time between the two.  

In first grade, Anna had Egypt Day!  The students traveled to different classrooms learning about the pyramids, different Pharaohs, mummification – even made mummies our of each other!, practiced hieroglyphics, and ate an incredible Egyptian feast of dates, figs, pita, grapes, olives, and cheese.  

And in fourth grade, James had Medieval Day!  I had the privilege of acting as a merchant in the Market Place where the kids learned how to barter for items.  So fun.  Next, the students moved to the monastery where they took a vow of silence and transcribed things with ink and quill.  In the Sherwood Forest classroom they learned a customary dance and “Robin Hood” came to tell of his adventures.  They also ate an amazing feast of grapes, cheese, fried potatoes, meatballs, bread, cakes, and juice.  

The amount of work the teachers, staff, and parents put into these days is just incredible.  It takes a village of people to pull it off but it is so worth it!  The kids learn so much by “doing” and these curriculum days are certainly highlights of their year.  So thankful for our school!  

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