Happy Birthday, Anna!

Anna turned seven last week!  Seven seems like such a big girl – much bigger than six.  Anna still loves dressing up, wearing my shoes any chance she can, dancing, making jokes, singing, and reading.  She is thriving in first grade and we love the joy she brings to our family!   

We celebrated on four different days and had a lot of fun!  We took birthday M&M cookies to school one day.  I love that many of the teachers at our school take the time to have the class offer up words of appreciation for the birthday student.  Things they admire, character qualities they see in them, etc.  It is always wonderful to hear such beautiful words spoken about your child.  

A few days later we held a Nutcracker themed birthday party for Anna.  (Monica, I borrowed some of your ideas!  Thank you!)  We listened to the Nutcracker music, the girls painted wooden nutcrackers in the basement, we enjoyed chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting and strawberry ice cream, then opened gifts.  A very simple party but lots of fun.  We went out to eat afterwards with all of our family in town – to IHOP, Anna’s choice.  

Then the night before Anna’s birthday we gave her our gift – tickets to go see the new Disney Nutcracker movie – that night!  It took her a minute to understand the ticket and coordinate the date in her mind that we were going that evening.  She opened her card after we’d finished dinner and we had about 10 minutes to get ready to leave.  So fun!  Both kids were so excited – James thanked us for including him in Anna’s birthday gift.  The movie was great and because we were on Thanksgiving break from school it was fun to see an evening movie with them.  

The next day, Anna’s actual birthday, was spent at home all together.  She opened some other family gifts that came in the mail and James’ gift.  Because it was the day before Thanksgiving we spent a little time making pies and prepping some food too.  Then that night we made Anna’s favorite meal – Ziti and fresh pineapple and blueberries.  It was a wonderful, slow day at home together, giving our girl some love.  

Happy 7th Birthday, Anna!  We love you!  

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