A Cozy Christmas Weekend

While I write this Sunday evening, the snow is softly falling outside and it is COLD.  The fire is burning, the tree is lit, I’m in my comfy clothes, savoring the evening.  I’m enjoying the coziness of the evening so much that when the kids come down (after being tucked in) for another hug and “can you tuck me in one more time?” I’m not even phased.  It’s a joy to tuck them in again.  I don’t always respond lovingly but tonight I’m grateful for the patience and perspective of wanting these moments with them to slow down.

We’ve had a lovely, cozy, Christmas weekend…in fact, when I picked up the kids from school at noon on Friday, I declared that our cozy, Christmas weekend had begun!  We had only one thing planned for the weekend – our church’s Christmas concert – and the rest of the weekend was going to be slow, restful, and full of Christmas.  The concert was a wonderful way to begin the new month and the celebratory mood of December.  The sanctuary and balcony were packed, the stage was full with choir and orchestra, and the singing together began.  We enjoyed the music and worship together so much.

The rest of the weekend has been so enjoyable.  We’ve worked on our Christmas puzzle, played four square in the street while it was snowing, made homemade granola, read, taken naps, watched a Christmas movie, made Peanut Butter Kiss cookies, lit the first candle, the Prophesy candle, in our Advent wreath and read from Isaiah.  Of course we’re a real family and real families still have squabbles and irritations with one another even in the midst of all this loveliness.  But, we’ve tried to get right back on track with our coziness and keep going.

Intentionality.  That’s the word that keeps coming back to me.  I had many things on a list that needed done this weekend.  I could have chosen productivity over togetherness.  And many times I do.  Kenny and the kids will be happily playing and enjoying themselves and I’m working away at something that I feel is important.  This time I’m so thankful I was able to lay my list aside – my selfishness aside.  The kids are so excited when mom joins in the fun too.  The list will still be there tomorrow.  And actually, with everyone at school and work, I’ll probably buzz through it much faster.  I’m so glad I chose to be intentional this weekend and make new memories with the family.  It takes more work to be intentional but it is so worth it every time.

Do you find it hard to be intentional with your family at times?  How are you enjoying the slow of Christmas with your family?

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