Deck the Halls

We spent the weekend after Thanksgiving decking our halls – we want to have as much time as possible to enjoy the Christmas decorations!  It always seems to go by so quickly.  

The tree decorated and the train around the bottom, lights on the house outside, the nativity set up front and center in the living room, the Advent wreath on the dining room table, and other Christmas touches throughout the house.  One of the kids’ favorite decorations is their Christmas countdown that Oma made for each of them.  I fill it with fun treats, one for each day until Christmas.  My plan was to purge a bit of our decorations as we went through them but almost everything seemed special to someone in the family.  I let go of just a couple things in the end and that’s okay.  If these items help us celebrate and get in the Christmas spirit, then by all means, put them out!  

Turning on the tree lights and the lights up the banister is the first thing the kids do when they get home from school.  I love that!  

What are some special Christmas decorations your family sets out every year?  


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