November Happenings

Kenny took Anna sledding recently and she had a blast!  He said she’d like to find a bigger hill next time.  

Several weeks ago I spent a few days in bed with a cold and the clutter began to take over.  We were also in the middle of a repair job under the kitchen sink.  Every flat surface on the main floor was covered with something.  I’m the only one who is bothered by clutter; it creeps into my soul and makes me feel cluttered on the inside.  I decided to snap a few pictures to record real life.  So much of what I post here is about the birthday party or event where everything is picked up and in it’s place.  But that’s not real life all the time.  So, just keepin’ it real for my kids to remember these days.  

James has been into cars for some time now.  He knows SO much about cars and it’s been rubbing off on Anna too.  I still refer to cars as “the red one” while James says “Did you see that Tesla?” and Anna says “Look at that purple Chrysler!”  Amazing.  James recently drew these cars and I thought they were great!  I love that they are on NPPD paper; the company my mom used to work for.  The kids love getting new notepads from Grandma when they visit.  

We recently had a guys/girls night at home.  The boys played a new video game together and the girls played board games upstairs and ate ice cream.  Such a fun night!

I recently found these pictures James took of himself.  Mr. Cool.  


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