Earlier in the month we had a lovely gal from the UK, Bethany, come and stay with us.  She’s here for the next several months doing some missionary training and she stayed with us briefly before her school began.  My sister was our connection; Bethany attends Sheila’s church in England.  

We SO enjoyed our few days with Bethany.  She was a breath of fresh air in the house!  She is completely excited about Jesus and the plans He has for her to go tell others about Him.  We loved hearing her thoughts and ideas and seeing her love for others.  

We had several days of snow while she was here and because that’s a rarity in England, she was so excited.  We enjoyed showing her some of Colorado Springs’ beauty which was exceptional with the snow.  

One thing was obvious during Bethany’s visit: Jesus connects strangers in a special way.  We’d never met Bethany before but because we all love the Lord, our hearts were already connected.  We already had something in common – something big – to talk about.  I love that!

After she left we were discussing at dinner what we appreciated about her.  James said he loved that her first morning here she wasn’t embarrassed to run downstairs yelling, “It snowed!  It snowed!”  She came down fully dressed with coat and boots and ran right outside to enjoy it.  So fun.  Anna said she appreciated that Bethany got on the floor to play with her and also danced to the Nutcracker music with her.  Kenny and I both loved seeing her excitement for God – it was contagious!   

We all came to love Bethany while she was here and as we look forward to seeing her again before she leaves.  

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