Not long ago I came across a handful of post-its I’d saved to blog about.  They were quick notes about the kids – things I wanted to remember.  Some of these memories happened years earlier, and others are more recent.  Either way, I wanted to record them here to remember.  

  • Many years ago when the kids were little we visited the library often.  On one of the roads we went up a hill and Pikes Peak would disappear for a minute.  I would say to the kids, “Where’s the mountain?” in a lilting sing-song voice.  They would wait until it was visible again and reply, “There it is!”  It became a game we played every time we drove to the library.  Recently on a day off school we were heading to the library and as Pikes Peak disappeared on that road, Anna said, “Where’s the mountain?” in the same sing-song voice I used to use.  It was so cute.  The kids talked about loving that every time we’d go to the library. 
  • Last school year Anna was in afternoon kindergarten and I so enjoyed our drives to school at lunchtime together.  We’d sing scripture songs, make up our own loud, funny songs, and pray together for her afternoon and other things.  Such a sweet time together.  
  • When James was a third grader last school year, his morning recess coincided with when I left the school after volunteering.  As I left the parking lot, I would spot him on the field playing, honk, and he would run over, wave like crazy, and blow kisses.  So sweet, my boy.  (This week while I’ve been working on this post, he came in and asked what I was doing.  I showed him the post-it with this memory and he couldn’t believe it.  I said, “4th grade is a bit different than 3rd grade, isn’t it?”  And he said, “Oh yeah.”)  That’s ok.  Last year I knew that blowing kisses to me in front of all his friends wasn’t going to last long, but I sure enjoyed it while it lasted.  
  • Last school year Anna started an after school routine of coming home, changing out of her uniform, and putting on a costume.  Usually she matches her clothes to something in a book she’s reading.  One week she was reading about mermaids,  so she found some blue and green clothes and announced she was the ocean.  We love her creativity in her clothing and accessories!  

  • Another memory that started last school year and continues today is playing the High/Low game in the van on the way home from school.  Sometimes we forget and then wait to play over dinner so Dad can join in.  I ask the kids to name or talk about their high for the day – something fun or exciting that happened, or something that went well.  Then to name their low for the day – something that wasn’t great or something that went wrong.  I’ve found this to be a helpful way to get them talking about their day.  Although some days my answers are “I don’t know.”  Sometimes they just need some quiet in the van before they’re ready to talk.  And that’s ok too.  
  • Anna continues to sing and dance all over the house.  We love it.  She sings in the shower, while she’s in the bathroom, while she’s doing chores, sometimes even after we’ve tucked her into bed.  And the girl loves to dance.  If she can dance across the room, why would she walk?  She often wears her ballet slippers around the house practicing.  I think another ballet class is in her future this summer.  
  • Last fall the kids had quite a conversation together in the van about whether Santa and the Tooth Fairy were real.  I kept quiet and just let them talk.  They weren’t asking me any questions; just debating with each other.  I enjoyed listening to their reasoning and wondering.  So cute.  
  • And finally, something fun both James and Anna have been into for some time is putting on “shows” when other kids are over to play.  This happens almost every time the Bryant girls are over to play, and sometimes with the kids from our small group.  Usually all the kids brainstorm what kind of play they want to do, they decide on characters and a basic plot, then the oldest in the group writes the script.  They gather costumes and props from around the house, and then James finds his light sabers that light up and is the light guy, shining lights on each character as they perform.  We’ve watched many plays over the past few years – after mentoring and after small group.  They sometimes make autograph pages to sign after the show too.  It’s so fun to watch them think through every aspect of putting on a play.  And, now that the stage is built downstairs and the lights are aimed, I’m guessing our next shows will be there.  

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