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A recent Family Night – Scrabble & ice cream!  Funniest comment from the evening: After I placed the word “nomad” on the scrabble board, Anna said, “Oh, I just love nomads!”  Such a funny statement, but she was serious!  While studying pilgrims in school, they also discussed nomads.  She was so thrilled she knew what the word was!  

I was stopped in my tracks last week by this view!  It was a cold day – just above freezing – but with the sun shining, the mountains were spectacular!  

I forgot to include this picture in my Valentine’s Day post.  Our neighbor brought over a box of chocolates for the kids, and their reaction opening it was priceless.  I don’t think they’ve ever received a big, heart box of chocolates before!  

The kids seem to be growing so fast lately!  I mentioned to Anna the other day that her robe used to come to her knees, and now it’s barely covering what it needs to!  

I stumbled on this photo of James from several years go – so cute.  Now he wears hoodies all the time and is getting so tall!

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