A Break From Teaching & More Cleaning

Spring has sprung!

I’ve had one piano student, Sophia, for the past several years and have so enjoyed getting back into teaching after a long hiatus.  In February, she and her mom approached me about taking a break for a few months since her school work was becoming more intense.  They’re hoping to pick back up this summer, and I’m hoping they will too.  I do miss teaching Sophia and appreciated the hour once a week where I wore a different hat from wife and mom.  It reminded me that I do still have teaching skills and that I enjoy using them!  

The other thing I miss is Sophia’s mom, Stacey, helping me with cleaning the house!  Stacey and I were trading services and it has worked beautifully for several years.  When Stacey first started helping me I was struggling with my health and it was difficult to keep up with the house.  I remember being light headed so often that I’d vacuum one room, sit down to rest for a bit, then tackle the next room.  It took so much longer to clean because I needed to rest in between.  

Since then, my health has improved and I’m rarely light headed.  Praise the Lord!  I’m also stronger and know that the walking I’ve been doing this past year has helped tremendously.  I’m physically able to do more and my energy level is much higher.  I can now clean the house all in one day with only a couple breaks.  That is a huge improvement since three years ago and I am beyond grateful.  While I miss the help, I’m so thankful the Lord has given me the strength to do the work myself.  And, in a couple months when the kids are out of school for the summer, I’ll have two new helpers to share the work!  

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