Spring Break 2019

Last week we went away to the mountains for a few days and it was lovely.  Kenny really wanted to leave town – it’s easier for him to relax and unwind when the constant stream of work emails and texts comes to a halt.  Where we stayed had spotty cell service and no Wi-Fi so in a way, it was a huge blessing.  

This sign hung in the mud room of the house we stayed in and I love it.  There definitely IS something to it.  I don’t always feel the mountains calling while I’m in town, busy with the day to day.  But the minute we pack up and start driving out of town, the mountains DO start to call.  They are beautiful and just beg you to come explore.  

And that’s what we did.  We stayed several days in Breckenridge.  The last time we were there was an anniversary trip years ago before the kids were born.  The weather was beautiful – in the 50’s – but still LOTS of snow on the ground.  A perfect combination.  

We were blessed with an incredible house to stay in.  A co-worker of Kenny’s owns this VRBO and gives Young Life staff a deal on staying there.  We couldn’t believe it – far cheaper than a hotel room, much more space, and just beautiful.  It truly was a gift for a few days.  The kids didn’t want to come home!  

Anna enjoyed her own room with a big bed and a leopard rug which she LOVED!

And James chose this cozy loft area over his own bedroom.

We saw herds of buffalo and deer on the way up…

Stopped at Wilkerson Pass on the way up…

And the Continental Divide on the way home.

We went tubing one morning which was lots of fun.  After a couple runs I was finished – the speed was incredible and my head didn’t love it.  We went down the run with all four of us hooked together which, of course, contributed to our speed.  It was fun, though, and wonderful to try something new.  

We visited some local restaurants…

walked around town visiting shops and finding ice cream…

the kids played in mountains of snow…

and we tried to play at the local train park but the snow was pretty deep.

We enjoyed time at the house relaxing and playing games…

And watched this icicle grow over a foot while we were there!

The house had an incredible view of Quandary Peak at 14,265 feet.  So beautiful.  The elevation of the house was 11,300 feet, so the summit seemed very close.  Breckenridge is at 9,600 feet and Colorado Springs 6,035 feet; just to give some perspective.  The day we left we saw hikers coming down from the summit of Quandary Peak – small little dots that moved very slowly.  We all decided that if we were going to summit a 14’er we’d prefer to start at the elevation of THIS house versus the foothills of Pikes Peak back home.  Much fewer steps!  

This was my view of the peak from bed in the morning.  LOVED that.  

We had a great time getting out of town and exploring for a few days and are so thankful for the opportunity!

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