Grandparent’s Day & A New Job

Last week was very busy with lots of fun! 

My parents came out for Grandparent’s Day at the kids’ school.  Grandma Mary Jo has faithfully attended every year for the kids and we are so thankful for the memories they’ve made.  This year she had a conflict and it worked out for my folks to come now that they’re retired.  I’ve never gotten pictures of Grandparent’s Day before because parents aren’t invited!  I snapped this one quick before everyone left that morning.

The rest of our long weekend involved lots of Euchre playing, visits to Trader Joes, Wimberger’s German deli, and Rudy’s BBQ, freezing Colorado peaches, enjoying a fire and s’mores, and eating lots of good food mom and dad brought.  It was a full, fun time together!

I’ve also started working part-time from home to temporarily help out our new Worship Director at church.  It came about unexpectedly but seemed like a good fit and a good time to be say “yes”.  I’ve gotten so good at saying no over the years to preserve my health and make sure we’re not doing too much.  It actually felt great to be asked to do something like this and be able to say yes.  It will probably only be through the end of the year, provided he finds someone to hire full-time.  So, this past week has also been full of texts, emails, and phone calls – admin work scheduling band members, rehearsals, and songs for the services.  While it is one more thing to do each day, I’m grateful to be able to help in an area I feel so passionate about.  After serving on the search committee for so many months to help find this man, I’m excited to help however I can so he can do his job well and succeed.  I’m enjoying the work and look forward to the first paycheck I’ve had in years!  Such a strange feeling! 

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