Christmas 2019

We attended a Gingerbread House party in early December which was a first for us – so fun!  

I mentioned in this post that Christmas looked quite a bit different for us a few months back.  I was just not even close to feeling 100%, James was sick mid-December and Anna was sick after Christmas.  So, we cancelled some activities and stayed home a lot.  Kenny was amazing handling everything and we were thankful he was off work from Dec. 22 through our trip to Florida.  That was such a blessing.  

I did push myself to attend Christmas Eve service and I’m so glad I did.  It was glorious and did help Christmas feel more like Christmas.  

We enjoyed lots of slow, quiet days – for days on end.  We played lots of games, watched movies (we introduced the kids to Holiday Inn – they loved it!), had bubble gum blowing contests, and took naps everyday.  Christmas day we had to cancel plans with our family.  Since we were basically in survival mode, they were planning to bring most of our Christmas dinner.  Suddenly, we were left with no Christmas dinner.  No problem – Kenny whipped up egg salad sandwiches for lunch and Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo for dinner.  It was a non-traditional Christmas that way too – most years we celebrate Christmas with special food.  But the food isn’t really what Christmas is about.  And this year that was very clear.  The highlight was being together. 

James is a happy camper with a new notebook and sharpies!

Anna trying out new pink hair chalk

New TV watching blankets from Oma!

The kids received part of their Christmas gift before our trip over Thanksgiving: simple MP3 players they can listen to music on.  Kenny did a great job researching them,  found a model we have parental control over, and loaded them with some of the kids’s favorite music.  The kids were over the moon and so excited.  

James received a drum set for Christmas too.  He’s been in lessons since September and we’re so proud of his perseverance and the progress he’s making.  

And, we surprised Anna with a pair of boots she’d been wanting for so long.  She saved and saved her money to buy them, only to find that the price had doubled since she started saving.  She was so disappointed.  The look on her face Christmas morning was priceless.  

Instead of remembering mom was sick, I hope the Christmas of 2019 will be remembered by my family as one where we stayed home more, made new memories together, and had crazy food for Christmas day.  

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  1. Love all the pictures and posts as you are catching up! Thanks for capturing all the Christmas memories that we missed this year! So thankful for your hard work! Love you all…Mom

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