A Day of Pranks

**Photos are completely unrelated. Squirrel feeders Kenny and the kids made this weekend – cute little picnic tables for the squirrels!

April Fool’s Day was quite the day in our house this year…

Months ago Kenny told me he had a great prank for the kids.  He bought a box of Lucky Charms cereal and also ordered a bag of colored marshmallows like the ones in the cereal.  Then the night, before he opened the box, transferred out the cereal to another bag, filled the plastic bag back up with just marshmallows, then glued the bag and box back together.  In the morning Anna poured some cereal and exclaimed, “It’s all marshmallows!”  So fun.  Kenny said this was one of his wishes as a kid so decided to make it come true for James & Anna.  

After breakfast Anna came to me and said she completely forgot it was April 1st and still wanted to pull a prank on James.  So, we googled pranks to play on your brother and decided on stuffing his shoes with cotton balls.  She put 4-5 cotton balls in the toes of his shoes and when he put them on, they wouldn’t fit!  First he pulled out one cotton ball, said “What IS this?” then tried his foot again, pulled out another cotton ball, tried again, etc.  By this time we’re all laughing and Anna was so proud she got him!  

James wanted to be in on the action too so he put some small plastic animals on my pillow so I’d see them at rest time – a few lizards and a rubber snake!  Since his prank worked so well on me, James transferred them to Kenny’s pillow for bedtime.  

Later in the day when I went to the kitchen to start making dinner, I turned on the faucet to wash my hands and the sprayer started spraying water at me!  Kenny put a rubber band around the sprayer handle so when the faucet turned on, water would spray instead of run out the faucet.  Crazy!  Needless to say, I was wet, the kitchen was wet, and we all had a good laugh.  

The final prank of the day might have been the best one.  After dinner, while James was taking a shower, Kenny rigged up a firecracker with some string to James’s bedroom door.  Oh my word.  When James went to open his door, the firecracker went off and definitely scared James.  He was laughing so hard, though, and said, “That was a really good one, Dad!” 

Kenny definitely thought ahead this year!

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