Anna’s Rocks

A few days ago while on a walk, James spotted a painted unicorn rock and quickly pointed it out to Anna.  What a sweet brother.  Anna was so excited to find a “719 rock” – rocks people paint, leave around the city for others to find, hoping to spread some kindness.  Anna said, “It’s not every day you find a painted rock – and one you love!”  Someone very talented spent time painting this cute little rock.  

I mentioned to Anna that she could do the same – paint rocks and leave them around the neighborhood for people to find.  She collected, washed, painted, and hid four rocks along our street – planning to check on them daily, waiting for someone to find them.  Great job, Anna, on spreading a little cheer to our neighborhood!

A rainbow, a chocolate chip cookie, a sun, and a flower.

And on the back: “You’re awesome”, “You’re a tough cookie”, “Stay sunny”, and “Be kind”.

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