Summer Projects, Summer Fun

On our summer list – make lemonade from scratch!

I can’t believe it’s already August!  Last week we finished all of our school shopping and preparations only to find out that the start of school is delayed a week.  So, supplies and backpacks are packed and waiting, uniforms and shoes are ready, and now we get to have almost another month of summer!  Instead of being disappointed we’re moving forward with more projects and more fun.  

This summer we’ve accomplished a good number of tasks around the house and I’m looking forward to getting a few more in.  This past month I worked on sorting the kid’s clothes in the basement – hand-me downs waiting to be worn, and clothes that are too small, ready to give to another family.  The kids helped vacuum all of the living room furniture (something I rarely remember to do) and clean out the frig.  Another day I cleaned our indoor plants and polished their leaves.  In the coming weeks I’m planning to clean/vacuum all the mattresses – another task I rarely do.  I stay on top of washing bedding, but time to freshen up the mattresses.  We’re planning to deep clean James’s bedroom and do a quick tidy in Anna’s room since we did a big clean after we painted her room in May.  And, lastly, I’m hoping to re-do our pantry.  It needs sorted and re-organized and I’d love to put down new shelf liner too.  This task might wait until the kids are in school.  On the other hand, they would probably be a great help on this so maybe before school starts!

Anna even made paper umbrellas for our lemonade!

And, we’re making plenty of time for fun too.  I’m a list maker so we make a summer bucket list too.  Then I pencil in our ideas on the calendar and move them around where they work, ensuring we make time for them before school starts.  I’ve taken pictures of some of our activities this summer, but quite a few I’ve purposely just enjoyed being together rather than snapping photos all the time.  We’ve enjoyed lots of family walks, meals on the deck, countless games of UNO and other games, and cartons and cartons of ice cream.  We’re definitely looking forward to a few more weeks of a relaxed schedule and enjoying more time together as a family before the fall season.  

The kids’ latest project – sewing felt pouches.






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