A Family Update

After seventeen years, Kenny is moving on from Young Life.  We still love Young Life and its mission, and it was difficult to leave, but it is time for a change.  At the end of June, Kenny will begin working for Clear Choice Dental Implants in Denver.  He’ll still work remotely from home and still do web development work similar to what he was doing at YL.  A big, big change for Kenny and our family. 

Out to dinner to celebrate Kenny’s career at YL

I’m so proud of the way he took a step of faith to explore other options.  This is the first job change for Kenny we’ve walked through as a married couple.  He was hired in April of 2004, he proposed in May, and we were married in September.  Young Life has been a big part of our lives for so long and changing that took some courage.  We are so grateful for God’s provision and excited for this new chapter.  

At the same time, we’ve been looking for a new house!  Since Kenny and I both don’t love change, I think God is nudging us toward change to get it all over with at once.  We’ve been looking at houses for about two months now and are still hopeful we’ll find something.  We desire to move further north in town to be closer to the kids’ school.  With James entering junior high in the fall, he’ll be at a different campus further north of our elementary campus.  We’ve talked about this move for several years and this seems like the time to try if we’re going to.  

With all of these big, life changes, we have seen God lead every step of the way.  First, by putting Kenny and myself on the same page and being unified in the desire to change jobs and houses.  We’ve involved James and Anna through the whole process and have prayed many times as a family about these things.  The kids are seeing God answer each and every prayer.  As Kenny interviewed and received offers we prayed about each interview and possible job and God lead there.  Each week as we head out to look at more houses, we pray God would make it clear which houses to pursue.  And He does.  There have been some disappointments along the way as offers are declined, but we know that sometimes that’s how God’s answering.  He’s been so, so faithful and we have no doubt He’ll continue to be.  

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  1. These are big steps for your family! We love how you have knuckled down in prayer expecting God’s leading and guidance every step of the way! Yes, He is So, So Faithful and He will continue to be, as you look to Him for the next move! God bless your house search! Love you all…Dad and Mom

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