May/June/July Goals

(Pictures are completely unrelated – the kids made scrambled eggs and french toast recently for dinner!)

Time has completely gotten away from me and I’ve forgotten to post about monthly goals.  I did finish my May goal of purging and organizing the office and basement storage shelves, but it was early June before I finished.  With the goal of moving sometime, we have spent most of June working our way through the house and purging the things we don’t need.  Our family has worked on this together and it feels good to get rid of things.  We had a garage sale several weeks ago and got rid of some and hauled the rest off to be donated.  

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish in July.  Some of these tasks I usually have finished by now, but better late than never!

*Wash winter coats, hats, gloves, snow pants, etc. and put away (At this point I’ve considered just leaving everything out – in just a couple of months, we’ll need it all again!  But, with planning to move, might as well wash it and pack it away so it’s easier to move.)
*Go through the kids’ artwork & schoolwork from this past year – decide what to keep and file away.
*Print school supply lists for the fall and start to organize and buy supplies.  Typically we do this in May when we’re done and set aside everything we can use again.  This year, we just packed everything up, including my stash of supplies we pull from, and it currently is in storage.  In recent months I packed many, many things we’d need soon, hoping we’d be moved by the time we needed them.  Wishful thinking,I guess.  I’m planning to go get supplies out of storage so we can finish this task and make sure we’re set before August hits and the supplies are hard to find in stores. 
*Check some things off of our Summer Bucket List!  A month ago we made a list of fun things we wanted to do this summer, and sadly, we haven’t done many of them.  House hunting and working on our own house has taken up much of our time and will continue to.  However, our whole family is in need of some fun! 

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