Cutty’s Hayden Creek Resort

Our family went on vacation last week and had a great time.  I’ve said it before – just driving out of town now and again feels so good.  Leaving behind the traffic and concrete and going somewhere new.  This time we headed to the mountains and enjoyed several days at Cutty’s Hayden Creek Resort near Coaldale, CO – under two hours away.  We rented a luxury covered wagon in the woods and so enjoyed our time away.  

The wagon had beds, a bathroom, and air conditioning, which was such a blessing.  A small deck nearby had a sink, mini-frig, and a propane grill.  We loved being in the woods but having these comforts.  We’re not big campers and decided paying a little extra to have a bed and bathroom was totally worth it.  
Movie night at the campground…

The wagon was just up the hill from the creek and we loved being that close to the water.  It was beautiful and so relaxing.  

Some things we enjoyed while at Cutty’s:
* Sitting by the creek  – any time of day, but especially in the mornings, drinking coffee, reading, listening to the rushing water
* Swimming at the indoor and outdoor pools – every day and sometimes twice a day
* Hiking through the woods
* Playing mini-golf, tennis, and cornhole
* Walking through the campground and enjoying the view – the mountains, the sunset
* Building a fire and making smores
* Eating most of our meals outside (on one very windy day we ate inside instead)
* Sitting outside and doing nothing – Kenny enjoyed laying in his hammock too
* The kids enjoyed playing hide and seek in the woods at dusk

We took the following photos of Anna drinking Coke (a rare treat) because she reminded us of Fuller in the movie Home Alone drinking Coke all the time. 


We loved our time in the mountains and highly recommend the covered wagons at Cutty’s!  

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  1. What a great, relaxing vacation! Sounds like just what your family was needing to unwind! We loved all the pictures you shared! Dad and Mom

  2. Looks fun. We stayed in a covered wagon on our trip to Wyoming/Yellowstone in 2019, but it was not the luxury variety. =)

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