Anna-isms Part 6

“When’s it gonna be in the 70’s again? I really like 72. it feels like summer.” (On November 30th, 2017 while looking at the forecast with Dad)

“I really like assembly lines.” (Just a random comment from Anna.)

Recently while in the van driving to school, Anna started talking and dreaming about getting married.  She thought she’d get married when she was 20 years old.  I reminded her that God had all of that worked out already and she just needed to be praying about who to marry and when as she got older.  She asked me how old I was when I married Kenny; I replied 27.  She asked me how I knew to marry him and I told her that actually in the beginning, I didn’t want to be Daddy’s girlfriend.  “What!?!” she said.  She was floored.  I explained that I just wanted to be his friend and that eventually God changed my heart and told me that Daddy was to be my husband.  We then proceeded to have a wonderful conversation about how God speaks to us, how we sense what He’s telling us through studying his Word, praying, and seeking godly counsel.  Of course, all in a six-year-old way, but I think she understood what I was saying.  Then she was back to talking about getting married, having a baby girl, yet still wanting to be a hair-style girl and play the violin, flute, and piano.  She said that maybe on Thursdays she could be a hair-style girl, on Friday she could play the violin, etc.  So cute.  I love listening to her dream and I love all of our conversations together.  Keep dreaming, Anna-girl!  


How an Eight-year-old thinks

Recently while our family was in the van driving somewhere we began talking about a boy in our small group who is a senior in high-school and headed to college in the fall.  We mentioned that he’s going to CU Boulder and will be a few hours away from home.  As the conversation continued, it was clear that James thought this boy’s whole family would be moving to Boulder along with him.  James truly believed that when a child goes off to college, the whole family goes too!  

We gently explained that typically just the child will “go off to college” and the family continues living where they are.  I turned around in my seat and watched James’ face fall as this sank in.  Right now in his eight-year-old mind he can’t fathom leaving us and I love that about him.  I told him that while that seems a little scary now, one day when it’s time for college he’d probably be ready to go out on his own.  

James continued that he’ll probably go to UCCS, one of the local colleges in town so he’ll be closer to home.  Kenny replied, “That would probably make your mom very happy, but you may decide to go farther from home one day, and that’s ok!”  

Such a sweet conversation.  One I will probably remember as we’re dropping him at college in 10 years.  Lord, prepare my heart for that day!  I’m so glad we have 18 years with our children to work up to that point!  Saying goodbye at kindergarten was hard enough.  May God grant our family grace as our children grow and we continue to learn how to let go.  

Making Memories

Last month my cousin and her family were in town for a few days and we enjoyed lunch with them.  So glad she contacted us while she was here!  Afterwards we headed to the nearby penny arcade and enjoyed showing the kids some old-school games.  

A few Saturdays ago Kenny and Anna headed to a model train show.  We’ve attended many train shows over the years but Anna doesn’t remember them!  So, Kenny was quick to make sure she had a chance to go and they had a great time.

James and I enjoyed some quiet time at home while they were gone.  When we went outside to get some fresh air, James decided to play “war” while I got some walking in.  He hid in the back of the truck, threw plastic grenades at me as I passed by, and used a plastic golf club to shoot.  I love that he still enjoys pretend play.  And, thankfully, I survived the grenades and bullets.  

And recently we took the kids to their first hockey game!  Our local Colorado College Tigers played a great game and won.  So fun!