Great Books

I’ve read several great books this summer…

Experiencing the Trinity was amazing.  It was recommended by my friend and mentor, Shelly, and it was great.  I borrowed her copy and after starting it, found such great things I wanted to remember I started taking some notes.  At one point I thought about ordering my own copy so I could mark it up, but didn’t.  In the end, sure wish I had because I ended up with about 18 pages of notes.  Oh well.  I do think you remember more of what you read when you write it down, so maybe it’s a win after all.  

The Trinity can sometimes feel like a mystery, and this book did an amazing job at unpacking it.  I found this to be so helpful and maybe explained bits of theology I’ve never understood!  It also was a beautiful description of who God is and how we enter into relationship with the Trinity when we know Him.  So many great truths.  I would highly recommend this book.  

“You cannot preach Jesus without some reference to the Trinity and Jesus’ relationship to the Father as the Son, and of Jesus being present with us without speaking of the Holy Spirit.” p.18

The other fantastic book I just finished was Girl Meets Change, written by Kristen Strong, a member at our church.  This book can apply to anyone going through change of some kind, whether it’s change you’re excited about or unwelcome change that comes your way.  Change is hard, and for some of us, it takes great soul work to thrive in the midst of it.  Even a small change like my kids starting a new school year – that means we have a new routine and schedule, and for me, that means weeks of processing the change and working through what the day to day will look like.  Kristen addresses how to acknowledge, accept, and adapt through the many transitions in life. I found this book to be applicable in so many situations and I would recommend it if you’re in the middle of a change in your life.  

And, I have to mention it again, if you haven’t read Slow Lane, by Monica Wilkinson, you must get a copy!  While I read it cover to cover when I first got it, I’m still making my way through this book slowly, enjoying the bible study portions and allowing it to really sink in between sittings.  For me, this book is a treat.  I set aside time to dig into it, I look forward to that time with anticipation, and so enjoy the truths and beautiful photography. 

Of course, I’m still reading fiction every month for the book club I’m in, but these three have been great, solid, books to stretch and strengthen my faith this summer.  

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