Fall Break 2017

Last month the kids were off from school for a week and we had a great mix of slow and plans for memory making.  

We watched Anne of Green Gables; a tradition we started last year.  It’s one of my favorites and now the kids love it too!  

We made fall sugar cookies.

We ate on the deck one more time and built a fire.

We visited a local pumpkin farm.

We had our first snow!

And the highlight of our week was returning to Georgetown, CO.  Last fall we fell in love with this little mountain town and we all were eager to return.  On the agenda: sleeping in, movie nights, riding the train, taking long walks, playing at the park, and climbing rocks.  On the way home we stopped at a buffalo viewing area which was so cool!  

It was a fun, full week!  

Daddy, the Softball Coach

Several years ago Kenny played on the Young Life co-ed park and rec softball team and had a great time.  Then the next few years no one headed it up at work and it didn’t happen.  So this fall, Kenny decided he would jump on it and get a team together. 

His team had an amazing season!  They won almost all of their games under his coaching and everyone seemed to enjoy the time together.  The park and rec games were held once a week through September and October and fortunately were at a park just a few blocks away.  

The kids and I attended a few of his early evening games and enjoyed cheering for dad and the team.  We’re so proud of him for using his skills and doing something he loves.  Great job, Coach!  

Anna’s Teeth

For the longest time Anna has had four loose teeth which has made eating quite difficult for her.  Last week, two of them finally came out!  Mom doesn’t pull loose teeth anymore (makes me whoosy) so she did it herself!  Her top, front two teeth are the next ones.  Maybe “All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth”!