Magnolia Books

I received both of these lovely books as gifts this year from my brother and sister-in-law!  Thank you, Ryan and Lynn!  The subtitles are what initially drew me to the books, in addition to the fact that Joanna Gaines wrote them.  

“A collection of recipes for gathering” and
“A guide to creating spaces you never want to leave”

Isn’t that lovely and inviting?  I’ve enjoyed reading through them both and marking ideas and recipes to try.  Even the kids have looked through them and marked pages.  The pictures are beautiful and slow and refreshing and are a fun treat to sit down with.  If either of them sound interesting to you I’d highly recommend checking them out!


Anna-Girl Update

A couple weeks ago Anna and I spent some girl time together and I kept thinking about how fast she’s growing up.  Anna has long loved dressing up fancy, wearing my shoes, (which are definitely not fancy), and as of late, enjoying shopping.  Not grocery shopping, but mall shopping.  She’s made it very clear that she doesn’t love shopping for food, but going to the mall is her happy place.  

On our recent girls night, we went to the mall to play Glo-Golf and visit Claires.  Anna had a little money to spend and watching her shop and look around Claires with her purse hanging on her shoulder, she felt SO grown up to me.  How is she this old already? 

Anna recently learned how to paint her own fingernails, she styles her own hair (most of the time), and continues to put cute outfits together and loves clothes.  She’s even started giving me fashion advice.  Heaven knows I need it!  This week she politely informed me that my other pair of flip-flops would look much better with my outfit.  And, I think she was right! 

That day at Claires, Anna purchased a sleeping mask that looks like a little bunny with a crown.  She loves that thing and actually can sleep with it on!  We’ve taken pictures to prove it.  It’s so cute.  

Last night Anna came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me.  I asked what the wonderful hug was for and she said, “Because you’re my mom.  I couldn’t ask for a better one.”  Oh my heart.  

Anna-girl, you are growing so fast and I’m enjoying every minute of it.  We love you and love the person God has made you to be!  

When Dad’s Away…

…the kids will play!

San Francisco, CA

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, CA

Last week Kenny was gone for six days to San Francisco for a work conference.  We really missed him!  Our family is not used to anyone being gone for that long.  We stayed busy with projects around the house and lots of fun so we didn’t miss him so much.  

The kids were such a big help! 
*We cleaned out our guest room linen closet and took a big van load to the Salvation Army
*Reward: Played a video game together
*We cleaned the house
*Reward: Had a movie night
*We washed all of our winter coats, scarves, hats, and gloves and packed them away for a few months
*Reward: Pizza for dinner
*We went through the kids’s closets and drawers and removed all the clothes that were too small, found bigger sizes in the basement, washed them, and got everything put away in their rooms
*Reward: Out for Baskin Robbins

We all get so much more done when there’s a reward waiting for us that we all enjoy.  And, I let the kids pick the rewards – quite helpful in getting them motivated to work.  

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, San Francisco, CA

James and Anna also decided to hold a lemonade stand while our neighborhood garage sale was taking place.  They made a sign and lemonade, got set up, and ended up making $20!  James made a second sign and walked around with it while Anna yelled, “Lemonade!”  That definitely helped their sales.