Mr. James Update

James and I spent quite a bit of two days together last weekend and this boy is growing up fast, too.  Anna spent part of a day at a friend’s house, so James and I decided to go to Barnes and Noble.  If the mall is Anna’s happy place, a bookstore is James’s happy place.  He loves to go and browse and then take a stack of books to the Starbucks cafe area and sit and read while having a treat.  We split a blueberry muffin, he ordered iced chocolate milk and I had a chamomile tea latte.  Delicious.  He had a stack of books, I had a stack of magazines and we so enjoyed sitting together and reading.  Once in awhile we’d share something we were reading about, but much of the time was quiet.  While we’re not interacting a whole lot, I do still believe this is quality time together.  It feeds each of us so well and we love that it’s something we both enjoy.  We spent about two hours there and it was such a relaxing, enjoyable time together.  

Then on Saturday while Kenny and Anna went on an outing, James and I worked together making his special meal.  I so enjoyed spending this time with him.  He is a fun kid to be with and sometimes I’m in awe that he is our son.  Having children is such an incredible experience – watching them become the people God has purposed them to be.  It truly is one of life’s most treasured gifts.  

James is having a blast with his summer activities.  In a few short weeks he completed swim lessons!  He continued where he left off last summer, finished his survival test, and is now a fish!  He’s completely comfortable in the water and now loves doing canon balls and front flips underwater.  Amazing.  So proud of you, buddy.

And, James is learning so much at Kung Fu.  We’re all impressed with the program and enjoy watching James become stronger as well as learn new stances, kicks, and punches.  A few times he’s been the only kid in the kid class and has had two black belt teachers all to himself! 

James loves Japanese anime and checks out stacks of books every week at the library.  He’s fascinated with graffiti so Kenny set up a board in the backyard for him to go to town.  He’s most comfortable in athletic wear and lately loves his stocking hat too.  He’s made some great friends these past years at school and enjoys inviting them over to the house as often as possible.  

We love you so much, James!

Christmas in June

We saw Les Miserables last week – the last show in our family Christmas gift.  It was fantastic.  We bought seats pretty close for this one and I’m so glad we did.  How wonderful to see faces full of emotion in every song.   We might have to think about experience gifts for this coming Christmas too – the memories made doing something like this together far outweighs a new this or that.  So thankful for the opportunity and means to do these things with the kids.