Fall Break, Part 3

The last couple days of fall break we visited a pumpkin farm and had our good friend, Olivia, over for dinner.  We spent some time relaxing at home, and the kids decorated their pumpkins all on their own this year with markers and spray paint.  We packed a lot into this fall break and so enjoyed our time together!  


I love these slideshows that Google puts together from our photos and videos.  And, these “Then and Now” collages they create.  So fun to compare and see how much the kids have grown!

Fall Break, Part 2

The last part of break we finally visited the mountains.  We’d been wanting to go for some time.  Mom and Dad came into town to join us – we drove to Cripple Creek for the day and enjoyed touring the Mollie Kathleen Mine.  So worth our time – it was great.  

We also visited the Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine – so fascinating to see those massive trucks hauling so much rock.  The lookout is actually the bed of one of the dump trucks they use.  If you look very closely you can see the trucks in one of the photos – they look so tiny!

And we played lots of cards…Pa taught Anna how to play Solitaire, and the kids are really getting pretty good at Euchre!  

James’s new past time!

Fall Break, Part 1

Life has been very full lately!  The kids were off school for eleven days which meant we were busy having fun.  We made some new memories and it’s time to get caught up.  

The first day of fall break was our first snow!  That would have been more exciting if we had nothing planned and could stay at home all cozy.  But, not only did we have flu shots scheduled at Young Life, we also had parent/teacher conferences at school so we were driving quite a bit.  We were all home by noon, safe and sound, and happy to be off the roads.  

During break we had dates with the kids and another day they had friends over to play.  Their friends were with us most of one day – 10am through dinner which was fun.  The kids really wanted friends to stay for dinner so we celebrated with french toast, scrambled eggs and bacon.  

Kenny also took the kids to a cool science fair at the UCCS campus (Kenny’s alma mater)…

Warming up by the fire before bed…