A Heavy Heart

There is always much to pray for.  Just with Kenny and the kids alone my prayer concerns for the Lord are long.  And then all the brokenness in the world to talk to the Lord about.  A friend loses her baby, just a couple weeks before her due date.  Another dear one terribly sick while traveling.  And another friend diagnosed with an incurable cancer.  Not to mention the school incident this week in Denver that completely shook me.  Sending my kids to school every day is a complete act of faith.  Every. Day.  I turn my hands up to heaven and release my kids to the Lord every day.  Asking for His protection which is so much greater than my own.  I keep telling myself “Just three more weeks of school”, “Just two more weeks of school”, as if having them home with me they’ll be safer.  


Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.  Lamentations 3:22

God is still on the throne in the midst of life’s circumstances.  None of it is a surprise to Him.  He is in control and sovereign over all.  I have seen His faithfulness over and over again in the past, and therefore my heart can trust Him.  

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.  Hebrews 13:8 

These are the words of truth I speak to myself over and over again, all day long when my heart is troubled and worried.  We preach this gospel to ourselves daily to be reminded of His great love for us. 

Perfect love casts out fear.  1 John 4:18

And as I turn my concerns over to the Lord, one by one, taking them to the cross and leaving them there

A heart at peace gives life to the body.  Proverbs 14:30

…I am able to move forward.  Confident, that whatever happens in this life, in this day, my Lord is on my side and I have no reason to fear.   

Have a blessed day, my friends, putting your trust in the One who loves you so.  That’s right where He wants you to be.  

And because I’m still listening to this song on repeat, I’ll post it again as a reminder to myself.  He is Worthy!  

March & April Goals

You may remember me posting earlier in the year about some extra projects I’ve been working on each month.  In January and February I set a few goals and worked to accomplish them.  Well, March and April have been a different story.  I had good intentions of finishing extra projects but real life happened and was a bit too busy for any extras.  

Anna ready for school in her shorts and boots

In March, with three snow days, a week off of school for Spring Break, plus all the search committee work, it was all I could do to just keep up with life.  No extra projects or tasks were completed besides the day to day necessities.  

James singing in church

April brought planning and prepping James’s birthday party, helping with his Patriot Project, a road trip over Easter, and more search committee work.  In the midst of everything, cleaning out closets just wasn’t a priority.  

A game of UNO

And of course, now we’re into May, which is always crazy with kids in school.  Once school is out, I’m hoping to get back into this idea and have James and Anna help me now and again.  We’re already starting to plan our summer and make a bucket list of things we want to do, so we’ll add a few projects around the house that will make life easier and help me check some things off my list.  

James’s Patriot Project

James has been working on a patriot project for the past month and is glad to report it’s finished!  This is part of what marks the 4th grade year at our school – the first project that is student led.  The project expectations and guidelines were laid out for students (and parents), and while some of the work was done in class, much of it was done at home.  

Students were given the name of a patriot who was involved in the Revolutionary War; James received John Hancock.  Students were expected to research his/her life, write out an outline, a five paragraph report, create a display board, find a costume, and write a short speech for Patriot Day.  

Because this was the first big project James has done, we had to work through the steps in how to complete something like this.  Create a master list of tasks, look at the calendar, decide how many days we have, and divide up the tasks so everything is finished on time.  This is a big concept to learn for the first time!

This was a learning experience not only for James, but for Kenny and myself as well.  James did all of the work, but we were involved in buying supplies, talking through a plan, and suggesting ideas here and there.  We learned a bit about pulling back where needed to allow James some independence.  He’s capable of so much and it’s imperative that we back off instead of hover now.  This parenting thing is constantly changing and requiring something new of us at every turn.  I’m so glad for God’s grace as we learn along the way!  

James’s display board included John Hancock’s extra large signature since his signature was the largest on the Declaration of Independence.  James painted a view of the harbor with a dock and a few ships; something John would have seen from his office window.  His board also included a drawing of Hancock at his desk, a portrait James drew in art class, as well as facts and quotations.  

Patriot Day arrived and each class set up their boards in the atrium at school for display.  They created a Living Museum of sorts.  The students each made a pretend button for visitors to push then they would come to life, saying their prepared speech about their character.  James did a great job and said his speech 52 times that day!  As a prop he had a fake Declaration of Independence and a quill pen he pretended to sign with.  (Anna showed James how to make a quill pen from a wooden chopstick – something she learned on Colonial Day.)  Other 4th grade classes visited, parents came, and the student’s younger buddies (1st graders they’re paired up with) from school came.  

James, we’re so proud of all you accomplished and learned with this project!  Well done!