G’ma & Pa’s Visit

A couple weekends ago Mom & Dad came out for a visit before school started.  It was Mom’s birthday so we did some extra fun things together to celebrate.  The girls went for pedicures – Anna & G’ma’s first time!  We played mini-golf, went to Rizutto’s for ice cream, and went out for Mexican for her birthday.  It was a full, fun weekend!

An Unusual School Year

The kids started school again this past week and we are so thankful!  In these continued, crazy days of COVID, we are grateful our school has worked tirelessly to reopen.  Now, we’re just praying they can stay open as long as possible.  

There are plenty of restrictions and canceled activities this semester which is disappointing.  Fifth grade and up is required to wear masks all day, so James as a big 6th grader is required to but Anna does not.  Recesses are now only with your class, not the entire grade.  Lunch is in the classroom, not in the gym with the entire grade level.  A bummer for James who’s best buddy is in another class.  They don’t see each other at all during the day now.  Classes are isolated as much as possible in the hopes that when a student becomes sick that class can quarantine at home for two weeks versus the entire school shutting down.  

And, the large group events are canceled for the semester: Friday morning all-school assemblies, field trips, parent meetings, Grandparent’s Day…  One of the things I’m most sad about is that parents and visitors are no longer allowed in the building.  Not only have we not met the kids’ teachers face to face (they sent a welcome video so parents and students could meet them and see them without a mask on), but I can no longer volunteer in the classrooms every week.  That is disappointing.  

We understand all of the restrictions even if we don’t agree with them.  We recognize that the school’s hands are tied – they are following the state guidelines and doing all they can to remain open.  Therefore, we will obey and follow all rules.  The kids need to be at school, they need to be with their friends, and they need to be with their teachers.  That’s the bottom line.  So, it’s an unusual school year and we’re praying that next semester can return to normal with all of the typical events and activities that make our school great.  

In the meantime, there are still plenty of things that have remained the same!  Our school is still focused on partnering with us to give the kids the very best education.  We love that.  There is still math homework and memorization of spelling words and poetry.  The kids still pack lunches and pick out their uniforms every day.  For all of this, we are grateful and count it a privilege to attend school.  We pray that Anna’s third grade year and James’s sixth grade year will be memorable – not only because of COVID, but also because of the growth they will experience.  

Despite the differences this year, both kids were excited to go back to school and both of them really like their teacher.  That is such a blessing.  After the first day I asked both of them what the hardest part of the day was and the best part of the day.  Anna’s hardest part was social distancing while lining up – staying one arm’s length away from others.  Her best part was her teacher’s clothes – a romper!  Anna came home and put hers on and played teacher that afternoon.  James’s hardest part of the day was the mask wearing.  Poor guy.  His best part was seeing friends he hasn’t seen since March.  Since he’s not in the same class as his best friend, he has a chance to reconnect with other friends which is a good thing.  

May the Lord protect James & Anna, guide them, and grow them this school year!