Beauty and the Beast

Kenny’s latest theatrical production was a huge success.  He designed, hung, and ran the lights for our church’s most recent show.  It was really incredible.  I am amazed every time how he incorporates lighting and smoke to make the show so much more.  Of course the actors and costumes and set pieces are all very important, but we couldn’t enjoy any of that without the lights.  Once again James and Anna enjoyed helping him every chance they could.  It won’t be long and we’ll have kids old enough to be in the show or on the lighting crew!  

Back in School

The kids started school last week – James in 5th grade and Anna in 2nd grade.  This year’s transition (so far) has been pretty smooth and for that I’m grateful.  The kids are slowly settling in to their new teachers, meeting new friends, and catching up with old friends.  While we don’t have regular homework yet I’m guessing that will all change this week.  The kids are already complaining about making lunches every night – some things never change.  

We’re all excited for this new school year and eagerly anticipate all the kids will learn and the many ways they will grow.  Mostly, my prayer again, is that they would know Jesus in a deeper way through the challenges and experiences He gives them at school.  

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.  James 3:17

The Close of Summer

Two peas in a pod

It’s been a wonderful summer together but has gone so fast. 

Both kids said two of their favorite things from the summer were things we did this week!  James went to work with Kenny for most of the day on Tuesday and he LOVED it.  He packed a bag of books and a little laptop Kenny got running for him to use.  James has been very interested in the coding that Kenny does at work, so he checked a book out at the library about coding for kids, and dove in on Tuesday.  Kenny helped him along and other YL co-workers encouraged James through the day.  So fun. 

The lilies are so tall this year!

The excitement of new school shoes

The excitement of new school shoes

Playing camping

The kids still love their horses

The kids still love their horses

Fun with friends

Anna and her dog, Chloe, joining me for some exercise

Dad brought balloons home from work!

And Anna’s favorite thing was swimming this week at a nearby outdoor pool.  Typically you need a membership to use the gym and pool but we received a free one-day pass in the mail and decided to try it out.  It was great fun and the kids had a blast.  A wonderful way to say goodbye to summer!