School Christmas Parties

Both kids had a fun Christmas party on the last day of school before break and I enjoyed being there to help.  Anna had a Grinch themed party that was over the top and so fun.  One dad even dressed up as the Grinch and visited.  I captured Anna’s face before he came in, after, and while he high-five’d her.  So cute.  

A few other moms and myself planned James’s class party.  We had three stations where the kids made Christmas ornaments, played Christmas Spot-It, and wrote Christmas themed mad-libs.  Then we feasted on fun snacks and enjoyed being together.  

James’s teacher, Mrs. Vandewarker, who just adopted a nine year old girl from China in July, will be transitioning to a stay-at-home mom this semester to be more available for her daughter.  James and myself have already come to love Mrs. Vandewarker in just a a few short months.  His class had a long-term substitute for the first month of school while Mrs. V was getting her daughter settled into her new life here.  While we’re all sad to see her go, we of course support her decision and wish her well.  So, since the Christmas party was her last day, we gave the kids time to be with her and say goodbye.  A few tears but we’re excited to see what God has for this class this next semester.  


December Happenings

It is a bitter cold, blowing snow kind of day – a perfect day to cuddle under a blanket and catch up here.  

          December was a full month through Christmas – lots of preparations and also                lots of fun.  

James’s 4th Grade Music Concert…(he’s in a green shirt)

An early part of our family Christmas gift…seeing a Broadway tour of Cinderella!

A school science experiment

Christmas Donuts!

Rotating tires

Our small group Christmas party…

The first batch of Christmas bread to deliver

My favorite Christmas read

James discovered you can blow bubbles into slime

And Kenny’s birthday dinner!

Book Club Christmas

I’ve written before about the amazing book club I’m part of.  I’ve been with these ladies for many, many years and love meeting with them.  Our Christmas parties have looked different over the years…we’ve gone out for dinner, had wine and cheese with a gift exchange.  But my favorite is a potluck.  Everyone brings their favorite appetizer and we enjoy a meal together.  This year I hosted our fun evening and so enjoyed setting a fancy table for our time together.  The first of several Christmas parties!