Chasing Slow

This space has been quiet lately…we went out of town for a few days for some R&R, I came home with a cold, and when we returned we hit the ground running with spelling words, multiplication facts and everything school.  Then add in some technical difficulties and you have blogging put on hold.  

We did have a wonderful fall break, though, and I’m anxious to post about everything we did.  

For now, a new book I’m loving…

Several weeks ago I dropped Anna off at a birthday party and had an hour to myself.  I brought along a book and decided to visit a new library and do some reading.  I entered, looked around for a comfy spot to sit, and when I sat down, these two books were on the table in front of me.  

Can you guess which one I picked up?  I love our great state as much as the next guy, but the Chasing Slow book seemed to have a beam of light straight from heaven shining down on it.  (With angels singing too, of course.)  Most of you know that I LOVE reading about this topic and I’m a firm believer in a slower, simpler life.  I spent the next hour devouring this book and then happily checked it out so I could finish it at home.  

I’m almost finished with it and would highly recommend it.  It’s a wonderful combination of humor, recipes, lists, practical ways to slow, and the author’s personal story of chasing status and more stuff only to find that what she really wants to chase is slow.  It’s a quick read and I’m really enjoying it.  

So while my stage of life right now is crazy and feels busy, I take a few minutes here and there to sit with a cup of tea, chase slow, and remember who’s in charge of this life.  

Air Show

Kenny took the kids to an air show last month and they all had a great time.  Due to weather and low clouds some demonstrations were cancelled, including the Air Force Thunderbirds, which was disappointing.  Getting all of the Thunderbird pilot’s autographs made up for it, though.  

2017 Balloon Festival

Every year we attend the Labor Day weekend hot air balloon festival in town.  After going so many years we have an abundance of balloon pictures, but I just can’t help myself when I’m there.  The day we went the balloons were unable to lift off because of wind, but we still enjoyed our time together.  It’s become a tradition that the kids expect now and we’re happy to take them.  We rise early, early, throw on clothes and hats, grab egg Mcmuffins on the way, enjoy the balloons, and pick up donuts on the way home. That’s become the tradition because that’s what we ate one year when the kids were young on balloon day, they remember it, and now seeing the balloons has to involve egg Mcmuffins and donuts.  Just another opportunity for memory making.