A Sweet Friend

Cindy, my friend Corrie’s mother, was in town a few weeks ago too.  She came over a couple times and it was so nice to catch up with her.  Cindy was instrumental in helping bring me to CO seventeen years ago this month…

When I was looking at applying at ECA years ago, Cindy called and basically told me all the reasons why ECA would be a wonderful fit for me and why I should apply.  I’m so glad she did.  Cindy arranged for me to stay in a beautiful home while I was in town – another part of her plan to “woo” me.  The day I interviewed, the same day Corrie did as well as another friend of ours, Cindy had all of us in her classroom, drinking Sprite, when the principal came to announce we were all being given jobs.  Such a fun memory together!  That evening we all celebrated with dinner out and suddenly I had a family in CO.  People who would become my close friends for years to come.  

I haven’t even mentioned the connection Kenny has with this family.  Not only did he go to school with Corrie and her sister, but Cindy and her husband, John, were instrumental in Kenny’s life years ago.  They led youth group in their home, and they participated in church theater together.  They influenced Kenny in many ways and for that I’m grateful too.  

Dear Cindy, I’m so glad you called this little Nebraska girl so many years ago and formed a friendship.  Now, it is so special that James and Anna are getting to know and love you too.  One evening Cindy came to visit, she ate dinner with us and read to the kids before bed.  So precious.  

Cindy reminded me of a video she took of James at age 3, and I just had to include it here.  So adorable, and so much theology.  Love it.  

Cindy, you have a gift, my friend.  A gift in making the people you spend time with feel so special.  Your love for Jesus radiates in everything you do and I’m so very glad to know you.  


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  1. What a precious video of James – I have sat in on several ‘church services’ where he preached in your living room…maybe there is a preacher in there somewhere! We also loved the history of your family with Cindy! I remember this sweet woman at your bridal shower and wedding…such a wonderful friend! God really used her to bring you where you would meet Kenny…isn’t He such a good God!!

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