Retirement Party and Family Reunion

My mom retired this year after faithfully serving 24 years at Nebraska Public Power District, as well as about 10 years prior to that at various places.  She finished working in May and we held her retirement party last month when all of us kids and our families could make it home.  Other extended family also came, as well as local friends and co-workers.  It was a wonderful time of celebrating Mom and we’re so proud of her!  
**(Get ready for picture overload…11 days worth of photos!)

It must be mentioned, too, that Dad is semi-retired.  He still takes jobs here and there, but for the most part he is finished doing drywall work after 47 years.  Amazing.  He has faithfully provided for his family for so many years and we are so proud of him.  Mom and Dad both instilled a deep work ethic in each of us and for that we will always be grateful.  He didn’t want a party for himself, but we celebrate his hard work and retirement just the same!  

My siblings and our families don’t make it home all at the same time very often, so it was a wonderful family reunion too!  We even had family pictures taken to capture the event.  The kids all enjoyed great cousin time, Mom & Dad made tons of delicious food (Thank you!), and we all enjoyed days of being together.  We were there for a week while our kids were out for Fall Break, Kenny then brought them home to get back into school and I stayed an additional four days to get as much time with my sister as possible.  

With all the kids there were trips to the nearby park, swimming a few times, a trip to the library, lots of snuggles, reading, games, and playing outside.  With the adults, time to catch up with one another over cups of coffee, and a couple nights out after kids were in bed.  

I’m so thankful for the time we had together.  Wonderful new memories were made! 

Halloween 2018

We woke to our first snow!  So beautiful!  

The kids decided to paint their pumpkins this year.  We have a dolphin – a GIRL dolphin, and a silver and pink star.  Very cool.  

Cousin Luke came to visit! 

Because the kids had on more layers (it was cold trick or treating!) it’s hard to see their costumes.  Anna was a ballerina and James a special forces trooper.  Another fun night together!