This & That

A recent Family Night – Scrabble & ice cream!  Funniest comment from the evening: After I placed the word “nomad” on the scrabble board, Anna said, “Oh, I just love nomads!”  Such a funny statement, but she was serious!  While studying pilgrims in school, they also discussed nomads.  She was so thrilled she knew what the word was!  

I was stopped in my tracks last week by this view!  It was a cold day – just above freezing – but with the sun shining, the mountains were spectacular!  

I forgot to include this picture in my Valentine’s Day post.  Our neighbor brought over a box of chocolates for the kids, and their reaction opening it was priceless.  I don’t think they’ve ever received a big, heart box of chocolates before!  

The kids seem to be growing so fast lately!  I mentioned to Anna the other day that her robe used to come to her knees, and now it’s barely covering what it needs to!  

I stumbled on this photo of James from several years go – so cute.  Now he wears hoodies all the time and is getting so tall!

Valentine’s Day 2019

This year because Kenny’s in the middle of a show, we celebrated Valentine’s Day early.  We continued our tradition of cheese and chocolate fondue – so delicious!  

And we made sugar cookies – actually the kids did most of the work!  I love that they are older and can help so much more with things.  They did almost all of the rolling and cutting out and I just handled the oven.  When it came time for decorating I laid everything out and let them go to town.  They loved it and I so appreciated all the help!  

Valentine’s Day included a spontaneous lunch date with my love…

…and two trips to school for class parties.  I really do love helping out at the kids’ school.  The way they partner with parents in education is beautiful in many ways.  I imagine they’ll be fewer opportunities for parent help once we hit 7th grade, so I’ll continue to make the drive multiple times in one day while we’re still in the elementary years.  It was a crazy day with lots of loud kids and sugar but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  

And finally, I’ve been reading the One Year Bible and this week I’m in the last chapters of Matthew – the crucifixion.  I’ve been struck anew at the great, great love our Savior had for us.  He died for the very people who hated him and wanted him dead.  On the cross, when offered a drink of wine mixed with gall (a bitter herb that may have contained a pain reliever), he refused, wanting to be fully conscious until death.  What kind of love IS that?  What kind of love suffers like that?  Amazing love.  This is the love that stirs us to love others with our whole being.  Valentine’s Day is every day – love your people well.  Tell them you love them – and often.  Love the people in your life that are hard to love.  God put them in our lives for a reason and we have a job to do!  Oh Lord, may we be a people who loves well!  

More Sushi

I mentioned earlier that James and some friends are into everything Japanese these days.  One of his friends heard James had made sushi recently, then invited us to make sushi with them last Friday afternoon after school.  So fun.  James enjoyed showing his friend and they had a blast eating them and hanging out together afterwards.  

And, keeping with the Japanese theme, I took some pictures of James’s Japanese animation drawings he’s been doing.  Great job, James!