Yard Clean-Up

A couple weekends ago we spent quite a bit of time cleaning up our yard after the big snow we had.  Lots of broken tree branches to saw down and haul out.  We loaded G’pa Archie’s yellow truck to the brim.  

Later, James mowed the yard, Kenny and Anna bought annuals (a tradition for the two of them to pick out flowers together every year), and another day, I got them all planted.  Sometimes planting feels like one more thing to do, but the minute I get my hands in the dirt, I immediately feel stress melting away.  It really is amazing.  I love it.  Thanks, Mom & Dad for teaching me the value of getting my hands dirty!  

After the work was finished, I sat outside to enjoy the beautiful day and read.  James even pulled up a chair with a book and joined me for a bit.  

Our poor trees just don’t look the same anymore, but I so enjoyed the view of the beautiful, blue sky!  

1st & 4th Grade Finished!

Pictures from the last couple days of school for the kids. 

Anna’s classroom turned into Camp Learned-A-Lot: a tent, sleeping bags, and several days reviewing the year.  So fun.  

Anna & Mrs. Loomis – 1st Grade

James’s class watched a slide show of pictures from their year together.  Such a memorable way to end the year.  

James & Ms. Kelley – 4th Grade


May Happenings, Part 2

Every month at school the kids work on recitations to perform in front of their class, and sometimes an entire grade will share at assembly on Fridays.  In May, both the 1st and 4th grades worked on portions of The Declaration of Independence and recited at assembly.  It was so fun watching both James and Anna participate, (although you can’t see them in the video).  The 4th grade recited the first 3/4, and then the 1st grade joins in.  I love that our school places importance on public speaking from such young ages.  

Anna’s Field Day – end of the rope for Tug-Of-War!

Tea party with moose and zebra…

Two excited kids rooting for their horses in The Kentucky Derby!

Time at the park…James remembered seeing a picture of them sitting on the bridge at the park when they were little, so he wanted to recreate it.  So cute! 

May 2019

August 2015

Family night – Mini-golf, Go-carts, and Ice cream!