Visitors from England! Part 2

We visited the Flying W Ranch one evening and had a great time together.  Everyone wants to be a cowboy, but Martin really loved playing the part for the night.  

We visited Helen Hunt Falls for some hiking and exploring and then enjoyed lunch by the river.  

Our HOA president often provides fun activities for the neighborhood kids and the last night Sheila & Martin were here, there was quite a party happening in front of our house after we returned home from dinner.  A pool noodle fight followed by a water gun fight was a great way to end our fun visit with family.  

Our house was VERY quiet after Sienna, Ethan, Sheila, & Martin left and we already look forward to our next visit with them.  Thank you for coming to visit us! 



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  1. We loved all the pictures from both posts of Sheila and Martins’ family visiting. Great job getting all these posts out here. Love you all!

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